Human Resource Schools

What is human resource?
Human resource is a term that defines the workforce or people that make up an organization. It is the most crucial asset of any business. It includes the workforce, labor, administration and all relevant places where human capital is employed. This management term explains how all the strategies are developed and implemented by individuals working in an organization.

What is a Human Resource School?
Human resource schools provide various graduate programs that focus on creating a qualified workforce for the benefit of the economy. They develop all the knowledge required in the field of human resource management. These programs vary in duration and course content. The different kinds of programs available for majors in human resource are bachelors in HR, masters in HR and doctorates in HR.

Degrees in Human Resource School:
Bachelors in human resource management
In this program, students receive training on various subjects such as industrial psychology, information management etc. they are taught all techniques and processes that are applied in the HR operations of an organization. The HR skills of students is developed that would allow them to succeed in the field of human resource management. These skills are necessary as they ensure smooth management flow in organizations. Students learn interviewing techniques, employee retention, personnel, leadership skills and excellent communication skills. Courses studied in a bachelors in human resource program are:


  • Employee relations
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and development
  • Business statistics
  • Managerial accounting
  • Strategic management
  • HRM techniques
  • International business law
  • Project management


Masters in human resource management
This program is designed to prepare students for careers in human resource management. Students learn the skills and gain awareness of current issues in developing and leading people in complex organizations. The main objective of this program is to teach maintenance of better human relations, application and evaluation of policies in an organization, procedures related to human personnel, and organizational management. Different kinds of courses studied in this degree are:


  • Labor relations
  • International HR management
  • Organizational performance
  • HR policies
  • Strategic staffing
  • Practices and programs on employee retention
  • Research methodology
  • Current issues
  • Case studies


Apart from bachelors and masters degree in HRM, human resource schools also offer doctorate degrees/PhD in human resource management, and various other diplomas and certificates.


Benefits of studying from Human Resource Schools
The different types of jobs that one can get with a degree in human resource management:


  • Administrator
  • Compensation analyst
  • Equal employment opportunity manager
  • Management analyst
  • Recruitment officer


The pay scale of human resource managers ranges from $35,000 to $89,000 per annum.

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