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EMT the short form of the term Emergency Medical Technician represents a healthcare provider who is trained to provide pre-hospital emergency medical services. The purpose of EMTs and paramedics is to treat the patients at the location of the crisis and execute certain medical procedures while transporting them to the hospital in line with protocols and guidelines founded by physician medical directors. The ones who got injured by car accidents slips and falls and the ones suffering from strokes heart attacks and others ailments are given vital care by the EMTs. However the emergence treatment is provided under the supervision of doctors. In simple words it the duty of EMTs and paramedics is to provide emergency medical care to the ones suffering with illnesses or injuries. There are many EMT Schools that teach and train the students to assess a patient's condition and act in accordance to perform emergency medical actions.


There are five levels of certification for emergency medical service providers offered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians including First Responder EMT-Basic EMT-Intermediate and Paramedic. An EMT School offers all five of these. Depending on the level of qualification and training earned by an EMT specific responsibilities are given to him/her. The most common places for an EMT to work in includes: an ambulance service which can either be paid or voluntary; technical rescue teams/squads; and an allied service such as a fire or police department. EMT courses can also be taken online via e-learning programs. Nowadays due to the concept of online education EMT Schools offer EMT courses online to facilitate the masses. If you are already an EMT and want to take up higher education in order better your career opportunities you do not have to attend and EMT School. You can take all the required courses online!


Q:How can I enroll in emt classes online?

A:If you are planning to become an emergency medical technician, you will need to acquire an EMT certification and training. Many colleges are offering EMT programs online nowadays. The admission requirements will vary slightly from college to college. You must get in touch with the institute you want to enroll in and learn about their basic program admission requirements.

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