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Who Are Computer Programmers?
Computer programmers are professionals who work with software developers. These individuals use programming languages to translate the software developer's idea into a working application for end users. In other words, they are responsible for creating set of instructions which the computer will follow to run a program efficiently. As we become a nation more reliant on computers to solve complex and basic problems, the importance of computer programmers is also rising. From healthcare to engineering, teaching to mathematics, computers are being used everywhere; programmers are here to create the software that can solve our problems.

How Can I Become A Computer Programmer?
Those who wish to enter this field will require specialized training in a variety of topics before they can become professionals. As a result, most employers look for candidates with at least an undergraduate or associate's degree. Universities across the United States offer these degrees for students to enroll in and benefit from. However, not everyone may have equal access to the resources. Some individuals may want to switch from their current profession to that of computer programming, but the idea of quitting a job to resume studies may seem unfeasible for some. For these individuals, computer programming schools online may be quite an appealing route to take.

What Can I learn at Computer Programming Schools Online?
Much like brick and mortar campuses, online computer programming schools allow students to choose between associate's, bachelors, and graduate degrees in computer programming. The associate's degree is two years long and offers only the specific training required in the field. This includes teaching students how to code in various programming languages like Java, C++, Python and others. It also helps students develop an understanding of networking systems, database creation, and the various languages which are used to troubleshoot problems in this field. The bachelor's degree is usually a 4 year long program.

Students learn how to create and maintain databases and mainframes, as well as wireless network management skills. They will also be taught how to apply their skills to specific industries, from healthcare to enterprises. Graduate programs vary in their duration and can range between a year and three. These degrees emphasize learning through projects which the students choose and develop over the course of their studies. The graduate programs also allow students to specialize their skills towards particular industry areas or in research areas.

The benefit of choosing computer programming schools online is that you have more power in your hands. All the material is accessible online, making it easy for you to complete your coursework whenever you choose. The deadlines are more relaxed, and you have the benefit of a strong online community whom you can discuss problems with. This community-based method of learning is greatly helpful.

What Jobs Can I Get When I Graduate?
Computer programmers are in high demand in a variety of industries, from online web application development to healthcare. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics cites expected growth in the field to be about 12 percent, corresponding to over 400,000 jobs in the coming years.

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