Associate in Psychology

A degree in psychology is based on in-depth study of how people think and feel. Psychology focuses on the observation of human behavior, how humans think and feel, and why they act in a certain way. Psychology degrees are offered at different levels to meet the diverse educational requirements and career goals of students. There are several psychology degrees available, ranging from an associate's degree to a doctorate degree. In addition, the field of psychology has a wide range of applications and allows students to select career paths of their interest.

Associate in Psychology
An associate in psychology degree normally takes two years to complete, but the duration may vary due to students' commitment and enrollment status. It is a degree that provides students with the basic knowledge of psychology, and helps to prepare them for further education and some entry level positions. The associate's degree option is usually offered by community colleges, and after finishing the program, students may choose to continue on to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor's degree. Associate's degrees in psychology are also offered by online institutes.

Coursework for an associate's degree program is based on foundational courses that enable students to acquire key concepts and basic knowledge of the field. Coursework offered by associate's degree in psychology may vary among institutes. However, there are some similar core courses offered by many schools. Students complete courses in biology, social sciences, statistics, cognition, research methods, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, clinical science, and social psychology.

Psychology offers a variety of specializations as well. Some of the major specializations include clinical psychology, school psychology, sports psychology, organizational psychology, counseling psychology, and forensic psychology. There are sub-specializations in the field as well; clinical psychology may be further divided into health psychology, neuropsychology, and geropsychology. Some fields of psychology require more in-depth knowledge than others. If you want to join an academic career in psychology, you will have to acquire education for several years. However, if you wish to be a psychology technician, you may only need to earn an associate's degree.

Online Education
Those who are unable to attend campus based education may choose to enroll in online programs. Online programs in psychology are not only convenient, but may be cost effective as well. Students have greater control of their time, and do not need to follow a fixed schedule. Online programs are usually self-paced, which means that the students influence the duration of their degree. They could take more or less time to complete their degree program.

Career Opportunities
Psychology careers normally demand advanced degrees and training. However, an associate's degree in psychology is an excellent way to acquire a foundation to pursue many different psychology careers. Understanding human behavior, how the mind works, and human relation skills hold a lot of value in many organizations and businesses. With a psychology major, you could select from a variety of careers such as:

  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Research Assistant
  • Reporter
  • Project Manager
  • Social or Family Services Worker
  • Business Owner
  • Sales Representative
  • Market Survey Designer


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