Nursing Certification

Healthcare in America is among the fastest growing industries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a growth rate of 25 percent for licensed practical nurses (LPN). The cost of medical programs is expensive though, and many people find it unfeasible. To bridge the gap, universities and colleges are offering certification programs which offer fundamental training for students. This helps them gain entry into the field of healthcare and bridge the gap between patients and doctors.

In order to further increase the access to education for students, colleges have started offering nursing certifications online as well. These programs offer a flexible, convenient alternative to their campus-based counterparts. Students are able to access materials through the internet, and they can work through the lectures from anywhere they wish. The only requirement is a computer and a reliable internet connection. Students are free to enroll in programs regardless of their current location, meaning that they may be able to study in the best programs available without leaving their own homes.

Online nursing certifications are available in a variety of fields. Students may choose to focus their studies in forensic nursing or nursing informatics if they wish. They could also explore other areas depending on their interest, whether its pediatrics or geriatrics. The duration of these certifications may vary depending on the university and the student's own commitments. Typically, they range between a year and two.

Because there are so many options to choose from, there is also significant variation in the coursework. Students studying nursing informatics will take courses in statistics and data management. Those working in pediatrics will learn more about anatomy and physiology. Those wishing to work in radiology will undergo a different course of study. In each of these cases, the aim of the certification program is to provide a solid grounding in the basic skills which will be needed in the professional field.

These certifications also entail a practical component to allow students a chance to gain hands-on experience. When signing up for a course, ensure that the program has a system in place to let you complete this component. Otherwise, you may have to make your own arrangements, which could be difficult. Another thing to be cautious about when choosing nursing certifications online is accreditation. If an institution is not authorized to teach its curriculum by a state or national authority, you could be wasting your money; your certification may not be acknowledged by employers. It is also important to be thorough in your search. With hundreds of schools offering certification programs, it could be easy to be misled into a scam.

Once you complete your program, the next step is to gain certification or licensing from a board, authorizing you to practice your profession. The National Commission for Certifying Agencies has a list of organizations that grant certifications. Normally, this will require taking a written and/or practical examination to demonstrate your ability and knowledge. Following this, you may apply for jobs and enter the teeming healthcare industry.


Q:Are there any requirements for a medical surgical nursing certification?

A:To receive a certification in medical surgical nursing, you will have to complete the requirements set by the certification board. There are a number of recognized boards such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center that are offering this certification. The requirements may vary slightly from place to place. For example, to qualify for an ANCC medical surgical certification, individuals must have 2 years of work experience as an RN, 2000 hours of clinical practice, and 30 hours of continuing education.

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