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Healthcare is among the fastest growing industries in the US. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the overall growth in this field is expected to be 26 percent between 2010 and 2020. The growing demand for trained professionals is influencing a rise in the number of people entering this field. In order to bridge the gap between doctors and patients, people are opting to complete various healthcare certifications online in order to get the training they need to provide quality treatment.

Why Choose Online Certification Programs?
Online programs offer a convenient, flexible learning platform for new entrants and experienced professionals. Students access the material through an online system, which may make it easy for them to work through the lessons at their own pace. It is also possible to save money because these online programs are shorter in duration and are cheaper than bachelor's degree programs. Students who wish to gain a basic understanding of the field of medicine could use  one of these certifications to develop their skills and build a solid foundation. They could then use this training to enter the field or pursue higher studies.

What Will You Learn?
The field of healthcare is extremely broad, and there are a number of certification specialties to choose from. Students interested in childcare could take up certifications specializing in pediatrics, and those looking to enter a career in radiology could take up specific certifications in this field. Even students wishing to become EMTs or paramedics could benefit from these healthcare certifications.

In all cases, students will be taken through topics in basic medicine, such as biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology. They will also be taken through specific modules in their chosen areas. The aim is to help students develop their fundamental concepts, so they may take up entry-level positions in the industry. Most online programs last about a year, but this duration could vary depending on the time commitments of the student and the university's program as well.

After the Certification Program
Once you complete your certification program, the next step is to gain licensure. This will authorize you to practice your profession legally within the US. You could also choose to continue your education by enrolling in 'bridge' programs. These programs allow you to take a few additional courses and obtain an associate's degree. This will enable you to apply for higher level positions in the workplace, upgrading your pay-scale and responsibilities.

Choosing the Right Program
There are many healthcare certifications online to choose from, but you want to make sure your investment is being used properly. When choosing a program, ensure that it is accredited by a national or state authority to teach its curriculum. Otherwise, you will be ineligible to take any licensing exams, and your money will have gone to waste. It is also a good idea to be sure of your own professional and personal goals because this will help you make a more well-informed choice on the program you need.


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