Certificate in Risk Management

The importance of risk management has grown in recent years as organizations and industries have become more complex. Organizations are seeking risk managers that could help identify risks, and devise measures to eliminate these risks. To stay ahead in today's tough market, it is crucially important for firms to minimize risks of all forms. The banking and finance sector is among the largest employers of risk managers. These professionals are in demand in other industries as well. From assessing assets to responding to identified risks, risk management professionals perform a number of tasks.

Individuals interested in joining this challenging profession may prepare themselves by earning a degree or a certification in risk management. Many prestigious business schools throughout the nation have added risk management certifications to their program offerings. It is also possible to pursue certification online due to the growing demand of online learning.

Certificate in Risk Management
Risk management certificate programs prepare students for a career in the professional field. A certificate program is a non-degree program that is offered by many accredited institutes. Seeking certification could help boost a career. Two of the main reasons why certifications have increased in popularity are due to fact that these programs are shorter as compared to traditional degree programs, and are more career-oriented.

A certificate in risk management program will provide students with expertise and in-depth knowledge about enterprise risks. Students will learn how to identify risks, assess risks, and develop measures to prevent or respond to risks. The coursework will allow students to understand what kinds of challenges are faced by business managers today, and how technological, political, social, and business factors affect a firm's performance. A few of the main objectives of this certification program are:

  • Students will acquire a broad understanding of different aspects of businesses and strategies used for development and growth.
  • The program will allow students to learn about different yes of risks, financial crisis, and disaster recovery techniques.
  • Students will acquire proficiency in designing and implementing plans for risk management.

Here are a few types of courses covered in the program:

  • Security and Risk
  • Research Design
  • Business Continuity
  • Information Security

The duration of a certificate program will depend upon which school you enroll in. Some schools are offering short six month programs, while others are offering eight month certificate programs. Risk management certifications are also offered online by many accredited online schools. Professionals who are currently full-tiem employed and wish to upgrade their skills may choose online certificate programs. This allows them to pursue their academic goal without having to sacrifice their career.

Career Opportunities
CNN Money has ranked risk management jobs among the best jobs in the nation. The demand for risk managers is expected to grow at a steady rate. These professionals made a median annual wage of $62,510 in 2013 according to O*NET OnLine. Many organizations in the private and government sector are hiring risk managers. Finance and insurance is the top industry that employs risk management experts. The job description may vary slightly from place to place, but typically require these experts to assess, identify, and respond to business risks.


Q:Where can I find a list of the best schools for certification in enterprise risk management?

A:There are a number of schools offering certification programs in the field of enterprise risk management. You can conduct a search online to see what options are currently available. Before you select any school make sure you check the accreditation status of the school the faculty qualifications rankings of the school student reviews and program costs.

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