Certificate in Project Management

Project Management
Project management is the art of coordinating a team to successfully complete a project. Those professionals who perform this essential duty are called project managers. They take charge of the project with the ultimate goal of keeping the project on schedule while keeping resources on track. They strive to achieve the goal of project completion, on time, and under budget.

What Do Project Managers Do?
Project managers oversee all elements of a project. For example, a construction project manager does the following tasks from early development to completion of a project:

  • Plan
  • Coordinate
  • Budget
  • Supervise

During the course of his/her professional life, a computer and information systems manager will perform the following to complete projects:

  • Plan
  • Coordinate
  • Direct computer-related activities in an organization

Project Management Certification Online
A certificate in project management, offered by an accredited online institute will strive to make a person an effective project leader. This is done by providing students with lessons that help them to become better at:

  • Managerial insight
  • Strategic planning skills
  • Analytical frameworks

PM certificates may be ideal for those looking to enhance their skill set or assume more responsibilities in a range of industries like:

  • Public relations
  • Non-profit management
  • Law and litigation support
  • Healthcare
  • Government contracting and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Informational technology
  • Management consulting

While certificate requirements will differ for each institute, students will be required to successfully complete a specific number of core courses and elective courses. Each institute will have its own specified time period within which a student will have to complete the certificate by completing a specific number of hands-on experience hours. Some of the core courses may include:

  • Managing Projects in the Real World
  • Accelerating Innovation in Project Management
  • The Project Manager's Toolkit
  • Project Management Fundamentals

Some of the elective courses may include:

  • Negotiation and Conflict Management for Project Managers
  • Project Risk Management

A certificate in project management may not be open to everyone; there may be certain prerequisites. Some institutes may require their applicants to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree. Furthermore, applicants may also be expected to have a graduate level command of English language. TOEFL may also be a requirement. Online project management certification is ideal for professionals who are looking to enhance their project management skills while preferring to study from the comfort of their home and making their own study schedule. Furthermore, older students who may feel uncomfortable attending classes with younger students could benefit from online education options. Students that are unable to commute to campus may also find online certificate programs in project management to be the most suitable option.

Project Management Outlook
The Project Management Institute (PMI) paints a bright future for project managers. PMI predicts growth in the sector as the demand for professionals with project management skills has greatly increased during the last decade.


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