PHD in Marketing

Marketing is as an important aspect of selling products and services. Organizations all over the globe are developing various strategies to sell their products and attract consumers. The key to surviving in today's competitive business world is to create brand awareness, acquire a market share, and sustain growth. This objective is achieved with the help of promotional tactics and advertisement strategies. Marketing is a popularly pursued academic discipline at colleges and universities across the country. Hundreds of students enroll in marketing degree programs each year. Marketing degree programs are offered at associate, bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. These programs are designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of marketing and promotional concepts and strategies used in modern-day organizations.

PHD in Marketing
If you want to prepare for leadership positions in field of marketing and management, you may consider earning a doctoral degree. This is the highest form of education being offered in marketing. Marketing doctoral programs are offered by a number of renowned business schools. You could also pursue a marketing doctoral degree online if attending a full-time program on a campus is not feasible.

A PhD program in marketing will provide students with the expertise in marketing research and understand the various aspects of the field. The coursework comprises of theoretical learning, research based work, and a dissertation. In the theoretical portion of the program, emphasis is laid upon areas such as product marketing, development of marketing strategies, market research, consumer behavior, and media usage. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of research methods used in the practical environment. The program will enable students to understand the management problems related to marketing and develop effective counter strategies. Students may choose to specialize in a sub-category of the field as well.

The research project and dissertation are crucially important components of the program. Students are required to pick a topic for research. The dissertation will reflect research and knowledge contributed to the field. The duration of a doctoral degree may vary for each student. Some students may take 5 years to complete the program while other may take 7 years. You could seek information about the exact duration of PhD programs from prospective schools.

Career Prospects
A PhD in marketing will provide you with the experience and knowledge to apply for leadership and executive job roles in the dynamic business world. With this degree, you could work in marketing organizations as market researchers and manage promotional plans. The median income level for marketing and promotions managers was $115,750 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Marketing is one of the fastest growing business fields where you may expect to excel in your career. If you are not interested in working in the business industry, a marketing PhD will also qualify you for a career as a professor or educator in universities. The job options you have with this degree are diverse and challenging.


Q:What will I learn in a phd marketing online degree?

A:Marketing is among the leading business specialization areas. If you enroll in a post graduate program such as PhD, you will cover a wide range of management subjects, research based subjects, and a dissertation. The main aim of the coursework is to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of marketing and its role in business organizations. You will learn how to effectively plan and implement marketing plans.

Q:Which schools are offering a Doctoral in Marketing degree?

A:Marketing is a popular area of business that is pursued as specialization. There are many schools offering this degree program to students from all over. You can search online to find out which schools are offering this program. There is also plenty of information on our page that you can browse through.

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