Certificate in Marketing

Marketing Certificate Overview
The marketing certificate program introduces students to marketing theories and practices necessary to meet the challenges of today's competitive world. It offers extensive training in essential marketing skills that not only apply to domestic but to international industries as well. With the advancement of technology, new creative outlets have been opened and a marketing certificate program focuses on effective methods, techniques, and strategies in order to capture new customers, enhance customer loyalty, develop products, increase profitability, and utilize the research data.

Courses Offered
There are a number of core courses that are required to be completed in marketing certificate programs:

  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Marketing

There are a variety of electives in marketing certificate programs as well. Some of these electives are:

  • Advertising and Social Marketing
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Strategic Brand Management
  • New Product Development

Marketing Certificate Benefits
There are a number of ways that students could benefit from marketing certificate programs. These programs enable them to acquire an integrated perspective of marketing with advanced knowledge and theories of marketing. Students are able to conduct marketing analysis by learning how to understand consumer needs and buying behavior and competitor strengths and weaknesses. They are also able to identify the appropriate social media channels to promote products or services.

Another concept they learn is getting an insight into various marketing research techniques and how this data may be used in marketing decision making. Students will learn about marketing program development and its implementation, and understand their own role in strategic marketing planning. Students could also enhance their job performance by applying the knowledge gained from industry experts.

Who Should Enroll?
A marketing certificate program is quite suitable for marketing managers who wish to enhance their marketing knowledge and update their skills. It is also ideal for product and project managers, or those who have the responsibility to come up with a marketing plan and execute it. This program is also a great opportunity for non-marketing professionals and business leaders because this will provide them with the skills to understand how to develop a marketing strategy for their customers, products, market, and brand. It enables them to acquire a well-rounded approach towards marketing, and apply the right marketing techniques to enhance their performance.

Online Marketing Certificate
With the help of online programs, education is now more accessible to more people. An online marketing certificate is suitable for working professionals and individuals who are not able to schedule time for traditional on-campus education to enhance their knowledge and skills. Online education provides flexibility and convenience for students. Online programs enable students to learn marketing concepts at their own pace and schedule study time that fits within their current schdules. Online programs offer up-to-date information through learning resources such as video lectures, discussion threads, PowerPoint slides, case studies, and online readings. All these resources help students to grasp concepts and retain them in an effective manner.


Q:Why should I go for a certificate in marketing?

A:A certificate in marketing will help you acquire career oriented knowledge and skills. The program can be completed in less than a year. However, the exact duration will depend upon the school you enroll in. The main focus of the program is to equip students with skills needed for marketing careers. Many employers prefer hiring certified individuals.

Q:After earning a marketing certificate online, how much can I make as a promotions/marketing manager?

A:The income level of marketing typically varies slightly from place to place. However, the field is expected to grow in the coming years. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income of marketing managers is $115,750 per year. It is important to remember that entry level income is usually less than the above mentioned figure. With more work experience and skills, you can gradually increase your income potential.

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