Bachelor in Marketing

Every business requires successful marketing of its product or service. As a result, businesses need professionals who have strong marketing skills. A bachelor in marketing degree in marketing helps students acquire fundamental skills needed for marketing, research, and sales. The degree helps students apply marketing concepts in organizational situations. Students also acquire skills related to research, communication, marketing strategy, and project management. Elective courses enable students to concentrate on a particular area within marketing, and delve deeper into newer aspects of marketing such as e-business and social media.

The coursework of a marketing degree program focuses on a number of important aspects. Students acquire insight about what motivates people to buy, and this done with the help of courses such as psychology and consumer behavior. They also learn how to target potential customers by acquiring knowledge and skills by taking courses in internet marketing, strategic sales, and e-commerce. Since marketing is not all about advertisements and sale pitches, students need to understand the quantitative side too. Marketing data helps in targeting the efforts in the right direction and measuring success. Students study courses such as statistics, finance, web analytics, and search engine optimization to assess the impact of marketing efforts.

Students should be aware of accreditation because it is a major factor that could have an impact on the quality of education as well as career prospects. Accredited institutes meet the quality standards of education set by relevant accrediting agencies. This helps to ensure that students have a greater likelihood of getting skills and knowledge relevant to their career. In addition, employers generally prefer applicants who have graduated from accredited programs; they may see a link between quality education and superior performance.

Online Education
Individuals who are unable to attend campus based education due to professional or family commitments could choose to enroll in online education programs. If you select an accredited online program, it will provide you with a similar quality of education as an on-campus program. Some benefits of selecting an online bachelor's degree in marketing are its convenience, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. Students are able to learn at their own pace, and have a class and study schedule that fits within their own personal schedule. They could cut down their education cost as well because they do not need to pay for commuting, textbooks, or dorm room accommodation. Tuition charges for online programs may be less, due to cost efficiency in an online education setup. However, students need greater self-management and motivation to complete coursework since they are not as closely monitored as on-campus students.

Careers in Marketing
A marketing degree gives you knowledge and skills that could be utilized in nearly any industry because marketing is an important part of any business plan. Marketing degree holders work in various areas such as advertising, market research, and public relations. Graduates may find a position at a newspaper or magazine company. They could also work for manufacturing companies or nearly any company or business that produces or sells a product.

Q:What are the advantages of bachelor degree in marketing along with advertising major?

A:With a degree in marketing and advertisement, you can prepare for a career in the growing sector of advertisement. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual median wage of advertisement and promotions managers was $115,750 in 2012. A number of advertising and PR agencies are seeking qualified experts in this field.

Q:Where to go to do bachelor of business administration in marketing?

A:There are many business schools to choose from. You can opt for an online school or a campus-based school. When selecting a school for a marketing program at bachelor level, make sure you check the following factors: accreditation status of the school and the program, student reviews, school rankings, faculty qualifications, and costs.

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