Certificate in Contract Management

If you are interested in finding rewarding employment opportunities in the corporate sector or government, enrolling in contract management certification programs is the first step. These programs are offered by a number of traditional and distance learning institutions and prepare you to enter the thriving field of contract management.

Contract Management Certification Program

The National Contract Management Association (NCMA) offers contract management certification. It is the leading association for contract management professionals that represents over 17,000 contract management professionals. The organization provides a forum to increase knowledge and leverage business opportunities. Since 1959, NCMA has been fostering the growth and educational advancement of contracting professionals.

NCMA establishes that contract professionals perform clerical tasks, assist upper-management and prepare responses for contract modification. Middle-level contract managers have more responsibilities such as creating and reviewing contracts, reviewing solicitations, negotiating contractual issues and supervising entry-level contract professionals. Earning a certification in contract management stands as an evidence of your proficiency in this field.

These programs help students acquire the required knowledge and the skills for being able to negotiate procure, as well as administer contracts with end-product users, suppliers and distributors. Students will also find out how to develop financially as well as legally sound contracts as being applicable to different industries.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in contract management certification, students need to posses a bachelor's degree. They also need to have experience in contract management. Having good communication, leadership and analytical skills can also prove to be an added plus. Students who want to enroll in these programs should also demonstrate knowledge of corporate procedures and policies and skill to draft contracts. Other requirements for admissions may vary by program.

Types of Contract Management Certification
Depending on the personal career goals of students, they can pursue contract management certifications such as the Certified Professional Contracts Manager, Certified Commercial Contracts Manager or Certified Federal Contracts Manager. The CFCM certification is designed for those who want work with federal contracts while the CCCM certification can be a suitable option for commercial contract professionals.

Employment Opportunities
Earning contract management certification helps students to pursue a number of rewarding job opportunities. Other than finding lucrative opportunities in government and corporate sectors, certified contract managers can also opt for jobs that involve lot of travelling. Students can pursue career opportunities in hospitality, construction and telecommunications. They can serve as purchasing manager, contract administrator or cost estimator. Contract managers can earn between $83,000 and $160,000 on an annual basis.

Contract Management Certification Online

It is also possible to obtain a certification in contract management online. Students who cannot pursue a regular certificate program can opt for online programs that can help them study and earn a certificate from the comfort of their homes. Contract managers who are seeking advanced opportunities in this field can easily enroll in these programs without disrupting their professional routine and upgrade their profile in a convenient manner.

Continuing Education

Master's degree programs in acquisitions and contract management can be a good option for contract managers seeking advanced opportunities in this field. These programs help learners broaden their knowledge and skills and perk up their career prospects. They learn about advanced concepts of contract law, management practices and acquisitions policies in these programs and improve their management skills.


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