Bachelor in Construction Management

An online bachelor's degree in construction management is available for those who wish to be a part of the construction industry in the capacity of managers who supervise large scale construction projects from start to finish. For working individuals, an online bachelor's degree in construction management is a great option since it is both convenient and in most of the cases, cost effective.

Course work:
The curriculum for an online bachelor's degree in construction management is generally the same as a traditional on-campus program; it is comprehensive and mainly focuses on the technical, legal, and business oriented aspects of construction. The technical and legal courses would include courses in construction laws, safety and ethics, and students would get to take courses in construction software and layouts. With regard to the business side, students will mainly get to take courses in financial accounting and economics.

Other courses that students typically study in an undergraduate construction management program include project management, mechanical/electrical systems, construction methods and materials, construction documents and codes, as well as cost estimation and analysis. Online bachelor's programs that offer an internship on construction sites are recommended since students get a chance to gain valuable hands-on experience to complement their online education. Students should thoroughly research different specializations that are available in the field of construction management such as residential construction, commercial construction, or facility management and decide which they want to pursue.

Career options:
Students with a degree in construction management may go on to become

  • Construction Managers
  • Cost Estimators
  • Construction or Building Inspectors
  • Carpenters

Construction managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting as well as supervising a construction from the beginning to end. Employers usually prefer candidates who have a bachelor's degree in a construction related field as well as hands-on experience. New construction managers usually undergo training and are hired as assistants to more experienced managers before beginning their own independent work. Depending on the firm, the duration of working as an assistant could last from several weeks to several months.

A cost estimator's job description entails estimating the cost of future projects so that the stakeholders in the project may set up the required the financial capital. Cost estimators are responsible for providing accurate estimates of the profitability of projects. They are also required to review blueprints and even travel to job sites when making their calculations , taking into account the duration of the project, the total cost of the workers employed  as well as any other overhead costs.

Construction inspectors are responsible for evaluating infrastructure such as roads, buildings, bridges, water systems, and other structures to ascertain that they meet certain standards and are in accordance with the building codes, ordinances, as well as any zoning regulations.

Although carpenters usually learn their craft through on the job apprenticeships, an online bachelor's degree in construction management could provide carpenters with valuable knowledge to advance in the field.  Carpenters construct and repair wooden structures, and are responsible for carefully evaluating blueprints to make sure that that the construction projects meet the required specifications.


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