Doctoral in Business Management

Business management principles form the basic framework for most organizations through which various functions and activities are coordinated. Marketing, supply chain, human resources, and finance are a few of the main departments that are a part of many companies. Technology and changing trends are main factors that have diversified the scope of industries. Administration and management are key principles that are vital for an organization's sustainability and growth. Over the past few decades, the demand for highly skilled managers has increased. Hundreds of students enroll in management and business administration degrees every year.

Management is among the few academic disciplines that lead to dynamic career opportunities, and offer a wide range of job choices. Management jobs have been ranked among leading occupations according to the US News & World Report. With the increasing demand for managers and administrative personnel, business schools across the nation have started offering a wide range of management degree programs at undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels.

Doctoral in Business Management
A doctoral degree program in business management may also be known as a PhD in business management. It may only be pursued after completing a bachelor and master's degree. PhD programs are the highest form of education that students may choose to pursue. This program is advanced in nature and mostly research oriented. Typically, a doctoral degree will entail theoretical learning, research, and a dissertation. All components of the program are necessary to complete in order to earn the doctoral qualification.

Students enrolled in a management PhD degree program will acquire in-depth knowledge about management principles used in today's complex business world. The coursework will entail various subjects that shed light upon all the facets of the field. Management is the key to running a firm smoothly and coordinating business functions. Students will spend time covering subjects such as the following:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing
  • Principles of management
  • Research and strategy making
  • Supply chain management

The curriculum may vary from program to program, but will generally cover similar subjects. Some business schools include research projects in their curriculum for practice-based learning. This is important for developing communication skills, research skills, and management skills. If attending classes on a campus is not possible, students could choose to enroll in an online PhD business administration program. Online learning is a growing trend nowadays due to many benefits. Individuals may study according to their own schedule and free time.

Career Opportunities
After earning a doctorate degree, students may choose to apply for managerial job positions in all kinds of public and private firms. The exact job position you may be eligible for will depend upon your area of specialization. Many individuals specialize in finance and seek high paying careers in banking firms. On the other hand, some individuals who wish to pursue creative careers choose to specialize in marketing and promotions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative services managers make a median annual income of $81,080. The income level will vary from place to place, and will also depend upon the type of business at which the individual works.


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