Certificate in Graphic Design & Multimedia

A certificate in graphic design is a great opportunity for individuals who want to learn the basics of this field. You may choose to earn a graphic design certificate if you are looking to change your career, enhance your job skills, or want to become an entrepreneur. Initially, the certificate program introduces students to diverse core courses from various disciplines. These core courses are aimed to build a strong foundation in design principles such as typography, color, layout, and space.

A graphic design certification online program provides students with a combination of design theory and skills. It enables students to develop a thorough understanding of digital and graphic design needed for print and websites. An online graphic design certificate could be a good option for students who have no prior training in graphic design. It may be quite helpful because it builds conceptual skills and may enhance their ability to implement different ideas by making use of technology and software.

Program Objectives
Students should be able to carry out the following tasks after completing a graphic design certificate:

  • Compare and contrast various elements of design such as shape, color, space, line, and texture with the key principles of unity, variety, and proportion.
  • Apply graphic design principles accurately and attentively in design projects.
  • Be able to use software used in the industry; such as Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and In Design to come up with aesthetically appealing documents, web pages, and publications.
  • Produce images and media presentations that meet customer and technological standards related to target audience and delivery medium.
  • Make a portfolio based on personal design samples and incorporate it as a part of an overall design interview.

Individuals interested in pursuing a graphic design certificate will be required to complete certain courses. These courses provide a conceptual foundation and build basic skills that students will need. Major graphic design courses include courses similar to these titles:

  • Digital Illustration
  • Drawing for Design
  • Web Design
  • Advertising Design

Program Requirements
The requirements for a graphic design certification will vary for each school. However, the basic requirement to enroll in a graphic design certificate is a high school diploma or GED. Certain schools may require pre-requisite courses or ask for experience in the field of arts or graphic design.

Online Certificate Programs
Online certificate programs in graphic design may be a great opportunity for working professionals and busy individuals, who are unable to take out time to attend classes on a campus. Online programs are quite convenient and flexible, as they allow students to set their pace and make their own schedule. They may also be cost-effective, as students do not incur many costs that are normally associated with campus based education.

As a graphic designer, you could work in firms which specialize in design, publishing, public relations, and advertising. Graphic designers are also needed by print magazines and newspapers. Any employer having a website or a marketing department usually requires a graphic designer to maintain website and create materials. You could also choose to be a freelance graphic designer for more work flexibility.


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