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Fashion is all about making a statement with your appearance whether it's on the runway or out for dinner with friends. Thousands of people all across the globe follow fashion trends, and keep their wardrobe up-to-date with latest wear and collections. The real trend-setters who work behind the scene to create glamorous outfits are the fashion designers. These professionals are qualified experts who work hard to design and create fashion apparels for people. The fashion industry has grown rapidly in recent years and offers a range of career options to creative individuals. Breaking into the industry will require not just creativity, but training in fashion and professional skills. There are many institutes that offer fashion design certificates that provide training for aspiring designers. If you have the passion and the element of creativity, fashion design careers may be a suitable occupation for you.

Fashion Certificate Programs
Fashion design certifications have gained popularity in recent years. The main purpose of a certificate programs is to certify an individual in a particular field or job. Having a certification along with your professional experience will help boost career opportunities. A fashion design certificate will usually take 6-12 months to complete. The duration is short as compared to degree programs. This program will help students build necessary career-skills and acquire knowledge for a challenging career ahead. The coursework will cover a range of study-areas relevant to the field. It is important to have a sound understanding of fashion design strategies needed for building a fashion career. The course will address issues related to marketing, changing consumer trends, and industry tactics.

Students will also get a chance to polish their creative skills, analysis skills, and business skills. The curriculum of fashion styling certificate programs will vary at each school; however, some of the most commonly found subjects are:

  • Pattern drafting and sewing
  • Textile technology
  • Model drawing and sketching
  • Apparel design
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Color theory
  • Technology
  • Fashion retailing

Each component of the program will carry a number of credit hours that must be earned. You may get information about the credit hour requirements from the program in which you plan to enroll. If you prefer studying online due to work restraints or financial restraints, you may now study fashion design online. Many accredited fashion schools are offering online certificate programs in this field.

Career Prospects
With a certificate in fashion design, you could join the vast fashion industry and build a career for yourself. You do not necessarily have to work for a firm or a clothing company. Many fashion designers are currently self-employed and offer services to private clients. As a fashion designer, you must remain up-to-date with fashion trends, design themes for your collection, select fabrics, work with teams if necessary, and oversee the production of your designs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, fashion designers made a median income of $62,860 in 2012. Your income potential will depend on factors such as skill, state, employer, and credentials.


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