Nursing Schools in Missouri

With the US population growing rapidly and medical technology improving, there is a high need for competent individuals who are able to provide healthcare and maintain the quality of care provided. As a result, nursing is a profession which is gaining more and more importance. Individuals with nursing skills help with care and communication between doctors and patients, and are now being required to take a more active role in the workplace as well. If you wish to enter the nursing field, you should receive training from an accredited nursing school. There are several programs that students may choose from, and they vary in their length and duration. You should choose a program which suits your needs.

Types of Programs
Nursing schools in Missouri and elsewhere in the US offer several different types of programs which students may choose. For instance, those wishing to enter nursing in an entry level position could sign up for a licensed practical nursing program. These programs usually last one year and provide you with the necessary skills to become a nurse. You could use your expertise to become a medical first responder or work in a hospital under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN). Earning an associate's degree is another option that students may choose, and these programs typically last two years to complete. These degrees prepare nursing students for more senior roles in the workplace, and they could use the training to apply for positions as RNs in hospitals. Registered nurses are responsible for the administrative and medical aspect of a hospital. They lead a team of LPNs and consult with doctors on the best treatment for patients.

Nursing students looking for a more comprehensive training program choose a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program. These generally take four years to complete, and they cover practical and theoretical training in nursing. This program combines nursing courses with coursework in humanities and social sciences. The holistic training allows students to become effective nurses and problem solvers, which enables them to keep up with the pace of the medical world.

Accelerated Nursing Programs in Missouri
Accelerated programs, as the name suggests, cover the same curriculum in a shorter span of time. These programs are offered by a select number of universities and are highly competitive. While students may choose an online degree program to earn a BSN or an ADN,  there are no alternatives for accelerated nursing programs. Students will have to attend all classes on campus for the duration of the program.

Accredited Nursing Schools
The Missouri Division of Professional Registration has a Board of Nursing which contains a list of accredited nursing programs in Missouri. Reviewing this list is highly recommended when looking for a nursing school to attend. This is because at the end of your degree, you will be required to take a licensing exam to practice your profession in the US. Only if you have completed your education from an accredited institution may you take these licensing exams. Therefore, while scrutinizing the schools according to your preferences, be sure to include this criterion as well.


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