criminal justice schools in chicago

Chicago is the third most populated city in the nation, and is located in the state of Illinois. The city is home to approximately 2.7 million residents, and has a large multi-cultural population. Also known as the "Windy City", Globalization and World Cities Research Network listed Chicago as the alpha+global city in 2012. The city has a strong economy and infrastructure that caters to the needs of the large population. Finance and banking, manufacturing, printing, and food processing are among the leading industries in this city.

After the 1850s, Chicago experienced a boost in its education sector. Over the years, it has become a major center for higher education and attracts thousands of students from around the globe. The state education board has invested heavily in colleges and universities, pushing them to acquire top spots in national school rankings. Education is considered as a necessity nowadays and is promoted greatly.

Criminal Justice Schools in Chicago
Criminal justice is among the many popular academic fields pursued by students today. The field opens doors to a vast range of career opportunities in federal as well as private agencies. Chicago is home to many prestigious criminal justice schools that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in this particular field. Criminal justice may be described as the processes and system designed to uphold criminal law and mitigate crime. Individuals interested in joining the law enforcement, Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, or corrections may prepare themselves with the help of criminal justice degrees. Many schools in Chicago are known to hire the best faculty around, and offer quality educational services to its student population. The admission criteria and program offerings may vary from school to school. It is also possible to study criminal justice online due to the growing trend of online learning.

According to the organization, Education News, there are approximately 21 accredited criminal justice schools in Chicago. These schools offer quality degree programs in the field, and are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Accreditation is an important factor to consider before enrollment because this represents a school's compliance with education standards set by the Higher Education Commission.

Career Opportunities
Students graduating with a degree in criminal justice could seek diverse career opportunities in Chicago. Some of the main occupations to choose from include the local police, investigations, sheriffs, corrections and probations, legal assistants, US Marshals, customs and border protection, federal emergency management, US Secret Service, and more. There are many leading federal agencies in the city that offer employment to educated and skilled applicants. According to Governing Data, there are approximately 13,318 law enforcement employees serving in the city of Chicago. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the annual median wage of police and sheriffs in Illinois to be around $47,120. Not necessarily does one have to join the law enforcement sector with a degree in criminal justice. According to statistical data revealed by Education News, there are over 48,000 criminal justice professional working in Chicago. There are various other administrative jobs and education jobs that one may consider.


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