Wachovia Student Loans

Q:What kind of benefits do Wachovia student loans offer?

A:Wachovia student loans provide loan and credit services not just for tuition fees but also for covering textbook expenses as well as for covering the costs of buying a laptop. Furthermore, applicants can also avail special offers such as a double-discount by opening a Well Fargo Checking Package account that can help you save more than $650 in many cases.

Q:What are the best Wachovia student loan repayment options that I can choose?

A:The loan repayment options that you finally settle for will depend on your particular financial condition. So for instance, if you use from 10% - 15% of your monthly or annual income to pay off your dept every time around, you should be in the safe zone and not default. You also have the option of adjusting the loan installments so that you pay a lower interest amount.

Q:Is it true that Wachovia bank student loans are now offered by Wells Fargo? If yes then why?

A:Yes this is correct. Wachovia National Bank that had been operating since 1879 and was serving customers across the country till a couple of years ago was acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008. This means that all student loans that were previously offered by Wachovia are now being handled by Wells Fargo.

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