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With computers becoming increasingly important for all our data storage and information processing needs, it is important to ensure that our computers are secure from any kind of malicious attack. Hackers, computer viruses, and phishers are all out to infiltrate or destroy our data warehouses and cause devastating harm. Earning a certificate in computer security will help you understand some of the techniques involved in protecting your computers and your network.

Who Should Enroll in This?
A certificate in computer security is primarily meant for individuals in the information technology industry. This includes, but is not limited to, information technology (IT) professionals, software developers, network security engineers, and even application developers. Computer security is an advanced field which requires some prior expertise to be eligible for many programs. Different schools have different requirements; some may need students to have completed at least a 4-year undergraduate degree or be a current student. Others may not be so rigid, choosing to take on a broader range of applicants. However, the quality of the program will vary depending on the profile of the class; the more advanced the attendees, the greater the rigor of the curriculum.

What Will I Learn?
Students enrolled in the program will begin by understanding the various kinds of threats which could affect computers and computer networks. They will be able to identify a malicious attack on their system quickly, and respond with the appropriate measure. In addition to this, students will learn how to incorporate different levels of security within their computers, networks, and software to ensure that they are not capable of being modified by any external forces. The coursework will also teach students about topics like cryptography, and may require students to use specific programming languages to develop original code which may be used to detect and eliminate threats.

In addition, this certificate program will teach students about topics in cyber forensics. This will involve learning about methods to uncover digital evidence and analyze it to identify incidents of cybercrime. Students will also learn how to proceed with a criminal investigation in this scenario.

What Are the Benefits?
Completing the program is beneficial for many IT professionals. Not only does it reflect his or her commitment to the field of computer security, it is also a means of gaining additional knowledge. This focused learning may be combined with the candidate's relevant experience in developing formal security policies against all possible hazards to stored data.

Employment Opportunities
Upon completing this certificate, you may find work in a number of places. Chief among these are computer security firms; who are looking for analysts and advisors to work with clients and improve their security standards. You could also work within the IT department of a firm, regardless of its size, as a cyber-security professional; ensuring that the networks and all computers within a company are compliant with the latest security protocols, and also making sure that they stay up-to-date with the changing trends.


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