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Data analytics is a growing trend in many industries nowadays. Many large and small companies are using unstructured data from various sources to identify trends. Using data effectively helps companies to devise strategies that will help them achieve their goals. To properly analyze large quantities of data from various sources, data analysis professionals are required. These specialists are well versed with statistical techniques and approaches, and specialize in this field. Data analysts are now in demand by many organizations in diverse industries.

The field of data analytics is gaining complexity due to changing trends in the industry and integration of technology. Managing large databases and information requires skill, competency, and statistical knowledge. Many individuals are joining this growing occupation with the help of data analysis education. According to CNBC, data analysts are ranked among the best jobs in the industry. Data analytics has opened the doors to many challenging job opportunities.

Bachelor in Data Analysis Degree

A bachelor's degree in data analysis is an undergraduate degree program that helps students enter entry-level careers in this field. This program is currently being offered by a number of institutions across the nation. The program aims to provide students with advanced statistical skills and in-depth knowledge about data science functions.

Students enrolled in this program will learn how to effectively manage large organizational databases, and apply various statistical measures for analysis. The curriculum will cover a wide range of courses that emphasize the theoretical aspects of the field as well as the practical applications. Some of the main courses covered in the program may include the following:

  • Applied Calculus
  • Marketing and Management
  • Regression Analysis
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Project Management
  • Database Design and Management
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Data Analysis Portfolio
  • Principles of Management
  • Social Media

Students will learn how to manage and use data in the business context. Bachelor of data analysis degree programs are geared towards helping students learn how to select and apply data analysis techniques according to organizational objectives, present findings through appropriate visualizations, manage large data sets, identify consumer trends, and forecast industry trends.

Admission and Degree Completion Requirements

To enroll in a bachelor's degree in data analysis program, students must complete the school and program's basic admission requirements. These typically may include completing a high school diploma, providing letters of recommendation, and fulfilling the minimum GPA requirements. Each course is equivalent to a number of credits. All components of the program must be completed to earn the minimum number of credits in order to graduate.

Career Opportunities

Data analysts are required by many different organizations ranging from federal agencies to large multinational corporations and from insurance companies to telecommunication firms. These professionals perform a wide range of tasks that may include managing databases, entering and auditing data, applying various techniques for analysis, generating reports on demand, and monitoring data regularly. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, database administrators made a median annual income of $77,080 in 2012; whereas, data communication analysts made a median annual income of $94,320 in 2013.


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