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Businesses today are using advertising techniques to increase their market share and sales. Advertisements reflect the power of persuasion and information, affecting consumer decisions and spending habits. From the endless TV commercials to the banners on web pages, all are forms of different advertising methods. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, businesses all over the globe have increased their investment in promotions and advertising. Technology is a main factor that has diversified the mediums used for advertisements.

No matter where we go, we are bound to come across promotional tactics used by all kinds of businesses. Advertisement is taught as a major part of business studies. Business schools all over the nation are offering advertisement degree programs at associate, bachelor, and master's degree levels. This field is attractive to hundreds of individuals who wish to prepare for a creative and challenging career ahead.

Certificate in Advertising
Individuals looking for a short route to breaking into the advertising industry or working professionals looking to enhance their skill set may choose to pursue a certificate in advertising. Certificate programs are short term programs that certify individuals in a particular field. Many institutes are offering certificate programs in advertising. The program is geared towards equipping students with creative skills and an overview of the advertisement industry. The coursework will build a solid foundation of knowledge that may be used in initiating a career in the field. Students will learn how businesses are using different advertisement mediums to build their brand image in the competitive environment. A few subjects covered in the program have been listed below. It is important to remember that the curriculum components may vary at each school.

  • Advertising media planning
  • Marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Media planning and buying
  • Copywriting
  • Art direction
  • Advertising research

The program will teach students about creative effective advertising strategies. Alongside theoretical studying, students will acquire practical experience in designing advertisement campaigns and evaluating their effectiveness. Here are a few objectives of an advertising certificate program:

  • Students will learn how to create and design different advertisement campaigns.
  • Students will acquire a brief overview of different communication mediums such as television, newspaper, and web portals.
  • The program will shed light upon different aspects of the field such as budgeting, financial plans, marketing concepts, and media planning.
  • Students will develop communication skills, leadership skills, and creative skills.
  • Understand how to carry out and execute advertisement plans.

Career Opportunities
With an advertising certificate, you could seek work in many different organizations. Marketing firms, public relations firms, and e-commerce businesses are just a few of the places that hire the services of professionals with advertising skills. The exact job position you could apply for will depend upon your experience and area of specialization. A certificate program could help you launch a career in this field. Many professionals have earned certifications to boost their current career, or switch careers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of advertising managers was $115,750 in 2012. This field is expected to grow at a fast rate in the coming years.


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