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The state of Utah was ranked as the second-fastest growing state in the US, and is home to a number of big businesses. The diversity of environments in the area makes it a popular tourist destination. Since Utah hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, the area has seen a surge of development and tourism looking for winter sports activities. Utah also has a number of companies conducting mining operations, and the state has the potential to generate enormous amounts of energy, a field which is also gaining attention.

Because the state is growing at such a rapid pace, there are always a number of opportunities for students and new graduates in which to get involved. Schools in Utah recognize the needs of the industries operating within the region, and are offering degrees training students in the specific skills needed for them to excel.

What Kinds of Degrees Are Offered?
Utah schools and universities offer degrees from an undergraduate level to a doctoral degree. Students will be able to choose from a wide range of majors, and may pick the ones which suit their professional and personal tastes. Utah schools may be state-owned or private, and the tuition costs for both the programs may vary significantly. State universities tend to be cheaper, but the class sizes are larger and you will be sharing the same facilities with several students at the same time. Private universities charge higher tuitions, but take in a smaller number of students.

If you are not interested in studying in a crowded classroom, and prefer smaller class sizes along with a potentially higher quality of education, private universities are for you. While universities offer a vast number of degrees, schools in Utah place limitations on some of them as well, labeling these degrees as 'special'. Specific majors, like Dance, Communication, and Art Education for the K-12 system, are limited in their enrollment capacities and require students to have completed specific requirements before they may apply. This ensures that students who are competent are able to further their skills and climb higher in the professional industry.

Career Opportunities
The nature of your job will depend on your undergraduate major and skill set. Utah's impressive progress in multiple fields opens up several chances for you. You may be able to apply for a job in a power and energy company as an engineer or a manager, but this may depend on your qualifications in fields like mechanical or electrical engineering and business management, respectively. Those interested in becoming a part of the tourism industry could complete degrees in hotel management, tourism planning, or urban planning to contribute towards expanding the industry. Even if you are interested in the arts or theatre, Utah universities are equipped with all the facilities to help you learn everything you need, and prepare you for a career both within and outside of the state. In every scenario, your skill set will be honed to suit the needs of the industry in which you choose to work.

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