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Art and design is a very broad and diverse field, with many specialties. The one that you end up choosing will depend on your interests and career objectives. To help you figure out the major that is appropriate for you, we've listed down some of the popular ones along with their description:

Architectural Design
Degrees relating to architecture are intended to provide you with the necessary knowledge for designing buildings and structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meet the social, legal, safety and ecological needs. To give you hands-on knowledge, these programs usually involve field trips to building sites, workshops and seminars on various design issues and completion of an internship programs.

This involves knowledge and training of traditional as well as modern approaches to vessel making and sculpture. The curriculum is designed to help you learn about hand building, wheel working, mold making, glazing, and kiln-firing. You may also gain knowledge of ceramic casting, architectural ceramics, and clay and glaze materials. You'll also be trained in the use of specialized tools and equipments.

Graphic Design
It is an important area within visual communication design. Coursework typically involves knowledge relating to design history, print design, information design, marketing and branding, and dynamic media. In addition to modern graphics software, students also learn about traditional manual skills like hand lettering and drawing.

Besides theoretical knowledge related to fiber, fabric and pattern, most institutes provide students with hands-on knowledge and training too. You'll be given an opportunity to work with advanced machinery and equipment that is used in the field. This may include multi harness handlooms, electronic jacquard loom, computer-interfaced looms and manual and electronic knitting machines.

This popular fine art major is designed to teach students about a wide range of techniques and conceptual processes that are involved in painting. In addition to a module on Drawing for Painting, there typically will be focus on theme development and useful experimentation related to form and content of painting. Since it is a form of human expression, students will be encouraged to work independently and develop their own aesthetic sense. Art and design degrees can be pursued at various levels including; associate, bachelor, masters or doctorate.  An associate degree can be completed in two years whereas the bachelor degree normally requires four years for completion.

There are many institutes that offer art and design degree programs online. Online programs offer many benefits. They are suitable for those who can't spare time to attend a conventional on campus program.  In terms of curriculum, they are no less rigorous but they give you the opportunity of studying within the comfort and convenience of your home and help you cut down on travel expenses. Online programs are suitable for those who want to pursue a job along with their art and design degree. Before you choose an online program, you should ensure that it is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation.

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Q:What are careers in art and design all about?

A:The art and design industry is one of the largest industries nowadays. From graphic designing to fashion designing, individuals can seek all kinds of careers in this field. Institutes all across the nation offer specialized degree programs in art and design. It is also possible to seek higher education in art online.

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