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About the Online Criminology Degree

Over the past few years, Criminology has gained widespread significance in the US.  Due to the increasing crime rate, the need for defending the society from criminals has considerably amplified. A Criminology Degree involves the extensive study of the criminal justice system. It offers an in depth study of the social and psychological behaviors of the criminals. The overall degree program is aimed at refining the analytical and problem solving skills of the students. An Online Criminology Degree provides various benefits to the students who can conveniently earn the degree by taking online lessons. Almost all the websites offer online support to students where they can easily interact with professors and network with other students respectively.


Structure & Coursework

The courses involved usually emphasize on research work and solving real life cases pertaining to criminal justice. The key idea of these degree programs is to enable the students to come up with innovative methods of protecting the society from criminal activities. Moreover, by analyzing diverse cases, they become proficient at comprehending the social and psychological reasons that lead to crimes. Various courses like policing, criminal ethnography, correctional administration and criminal behavior are commonly taught during this program. The master's degree in criminology is typically two years long.


Career Prospects

The demand for criminologists has increased more than ever in recent times. Therefore, anyone with this degree has wide career options to choose from. The best jobs you can opt for include:

  • Investigator
  • Consultant
  • Private Detective/Investigator
  • Policy Advisor
The average salary of criminologists is approximately $68,570 per annum.

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