Electrical Engineering Degree

online electrical engineering programs are now being offered through a large number of institutions at a nominal cost compared to traditional on-campus programs. while the internet based method of education is new, its overall scope and applicability is very diverse. eliminating a good amount of cost as well as geographic barriers, online programs help individuals gain equal access to quality education. the field of engineering in itself is very vast, with its application used in many other disciplines. this is why many institutions have begun to offer different types of degree and certification programs to help individuals in differing job and career roles.

admission requirements
keeping in mind that people from different backgrounds may enroll and study online, many current programs do not have very strict prerequisites. while technical backgrounds or interest in mathematics may not be mandatory in some programs, other programs may require a student to show competency in this area. graduate programs offer two other admission options in addition to their general admissions: early admission and high grade admissions. early admissions require prospective students to have completed at least 75% of their undergraduate courses with satisfactory results, and high grade admissions requires upper class results for admissions. applications usually require letters or recommendation, so it is wise to get these ready well before the deadline dates.

electrical engineering program durations
durations of programs will vary based on the type of program. certificate programs are usually taken by business management professionals, and they tend to be basic in nature to help them understand concepts that may help them in their daily interactions with electrical engineers. hence, these programs may have a relatively shorter duration, usually ranging from 6 to 9 months. specialization certificate courses are usually courses designed for individuals looking to gain specific understanding of certain engineering principles. these may be able to be completed in 12 to 14 months. associate, bachelor, and master's degree programs generally take between 2 to 5 years. this may also vary based on the time of year in which an individual enrolls and also whether they have part time or full time student status.

benefits of online education
when it comes to the cost of online electrical engineering programs the overall figures vary. certificate courses tend to cost less as compared to degree programs. this is mainly because of a lower number of credit hours and fewer resources that are required. resources for online programs are usually available online in soft copy format, with lecture videos being available for students to download and review before completing coursework. online education also helps a person add diversity to their educational background. in addition, this mode of education allows a person to keep a full-time job and study at the same time.

career outlook
online education resources may be the ultimate tool enabling individuals to enter different jobs and careers, ranging from actual jobs with firms or starting up their own service providing businesses. according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), in 2010 the median annual salary for electrical engineers was $87,180, mechanical engineers' median annual was $78,160, materials engineers' median annual salary was $83,120, and aerospace engineers' median annual salary was $97,480.


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