Supply Chain Management Certification

supply chain management is a fast growing career opportunity. keeping this in mind, obtaining a certification to work in this field would be a good addition an individual's resume. while many institutes offer a wide range of campus based programs for students, individuals may find a professional supply chain management certification online. the main idea of supply chain management is to make sure that the supply of materials, whether raw or treated remains constant within a given industry, and the flow of a product is efficient from raw materials to the end customer. this is an integral part of any company, and the industry demand for skilled professionals has increased between 2012 and 2013 as shown by the us bureau of labor statistics (bls).

course and program admissions
certification courses take shorter periods of time to complete and may be taken after earning an undergraduate degree. some certification programs open for admissions four times a year, and could take between six months to nine months to complete. most courses take a final exam at the end before presenting students with certificates. areas of specialization may take a little longer to complete.

some areas include order management which involves managing material stock and reorder point that do not interrupt production and keep production lines running smoothly. vendor sourcing is another area of specialization which involves developing skills necessary for searching out a pool of vendors and supplies for the acquisition of materials. vendor management involves knowing how to effectively order quantities of material from vendors, and work with vendor to ensure they remain engaged and supply stays constant.

prerequisites and application process
there are some internet based distant learning programs that have a number of prerequisites. while these may not be very strict for professionals, they are mandatory in some institutes for students who have acquired an undergraduate degree in another field. the academic prerequisites mostly require individuals to have exposure to strategic planning and resource allocation, and this could be work experience or courses they may have taken while in college. some courses also require individuals to have taken courses in mathematics and geometry.

this is necessary to be able to properly understand all material requirements as they are denoted by number and angle based codes and symbols. applications may be submitted online and some certification programs may not require any application fees, but there are some that may require a small fee for processing the application. some applications may also need reference letters to be submitted by former teachers or employers.

career outlook
the bls stated that the median annual salary in 2010 for purchasing managers and buyers was $58,360 and logisticians earned $70,800. the prospects of global supply chain management and worldwide logistics support has increased with large logistics companies expanding their delivery ports and areas. whether an individual earns a supply chain management certification online or through a traditional on-campus program, the prospects of a growing career may be brighter.


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