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how to become a nurse?
a bachelor's in nursing degree is a pre-requisite if you wish to become a part of the united states healthcare industry as a nurse. with this degree, you can work as a registered nurse in a senior administrative position with a hospital or clinic. however, some specific positions within the nursing field require more advanced qualifications. if you wish to become a nurse midwife, nurse anesthetist, or nurse practitioner for instance, you will have to complete a master's of science in nursing.

online nursing programs
for individuals currently working as registered nurses within a hospital though, the work routine barely leaves enough time to accommodate enrolling in a campus-based master's program. similarly, some individuals enter the nursing field with an exact idea of the specialty they wish to choose, and want to get there as fast as possible. in order to facilitate these individuals, universities are now offering bsn to msn online 'bridge' programs. such programs offer greater flexibility and are highly suited for those wishing to grow upwards within their career field.
these bsn to msn online bridge programs require students to have at least completed a bachelors of science in nursing to enroll. some particular specialist fields, such as nurse anesthetist, also require individuals to have prior work experience within a hospital as well. if you meet the university's criteria for enrollment, you will be allowed to take courses as a student with them.
benefits of online programs
the immediate benefits of the bridge program are the savings you can avail and the flexibility which is offered to you. because you are not bound to a campus-based learning setting, you can continue studying through the program while maintaining your current job. the costs of these online degrees are also lower and more affordable, so you will not have to worry about straining your budget too much. because the material is uploaded online, it is accessible from anywhere and lets you work through the coursework at your own convenience. while there are deadlines to follow, most of the degrees are quite relaxed.
an msn program typically entails supplementing your basic undergraduate knowledge with more specialized training in the area you choose. in addition to theoretical learning, you will also undergo a rigorous clinical training module to help you learn the practical applications of your skills. your ability to assume greater responsibility and handle crises effectively will also be enhanced. the best part is that you can complete all of these requirements while continuing to work as a registered nurse, therefore gaining valuable practical experience as well.
enrolling in these online degrees does not limit your opportunities in any way. upon completing your master's degree, you are eligible to gain employment in a variety of healthcare facilities - from small maternity homes to major hospitals. you will also be able to work in a more senior capacity, helping doctors make diagnoses and maintain a closer eye on patients. having a master's qualification also increases your pay-grade and a sharpening of the skills you need to thrive in the healthcare field.

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