9 Facts About CIA International Media Will Never Tell You

let's admit it, while working for mi6, james bond inspired many to join the central intelligence agency (cia) in the united states. may be it is the lifestyle that comes with the job or the urge to serve and protect the nation or both that makes many join the service. whatever the case may be and after all that is said and done, the undisputed fact remains that working for the agency is one of the best ways to protect american lives.

surely you didn't know that not everyone who works for the agency is a spy. wait, that is not it; here are 9 impressive facts about cia for your eyes only.

  • cia employees are 'above average joes' - contrary to the popular belief, working for the agency is neither glamorous nor dangerous. most employees work 9-to-5, monday-to-friday with public holidays, sick and maternity leaves.
  • cia employees lie low and protect countless american lives - the job may be thankless, with no gratitude in return either. yet these professionals keep a low profile and collect information that is important in keeping the american way of life intact while formulating national security policies.
  • remember "argo" - based on true events unfolding in the backdrop of the islamic revolution in iran in 1979, the film testifies to the fact that cia operatives put their own lives on the line to save others. mendes remained an unsung hero for many decades till his heroics were de classified.
  • cia protects its own as well - in addition to saving the lives of many whose names we will never know, and who may not have seen the faces of their protectors, the agency protects its own as well, who may have fallen in the cold. no one gets left behind.
  • cia museum - surely you didn't know that the agency has its own museum, where declassified artifacts are displayed. but there is a bad news; yes you guessed it right, it is not open to general public. so that should spur your interest in the agency, right?
  • kids' zone - not many know the agency's website has an entire dedicated section for kids where they can play games and help the agency officials solve tricky puzzles. the kids will also see top secret things (declassified, of course) which they will not find anywhere else. the website is quite unique where you will find a section on declassified articles. so, while you do not get to read (yet) who killed jfk, you can read about various intelligence triumphs that were unknown to you before.
  • cia does not work alone - remember khalid sheikh muhammad, one of the masterminds behind the sept 11 attacks. he was apprehended in a joint cia/isi operation in pakistan. this collaboration saved a number of lives and brought a known terrorist to justice.
  • cia internships - if a career in the intelligence community is something that appeals to you then consider interning with the agency. you can then make up your mind whether or not to work for the cia afterwards.
  • cia, a cost-effective agency - contrary to the popular view, the agency's operatives do not drive lamborghinis in foreign exotic locations and sip on expensive martinis. most of the time, they use public transportation or hire a local standard car, just to avoid unnecessary attention.

a lifetime of cia work is everything but display of glamour and pomp; it is real work that involves saving and protecting american lives. so if you are thinking of joining the cia, don't think sean connery in dr no, in fact think phillip seymour hoffman in charlie wilson's war.



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