Education in Japan

The early childhood education in Japan begins at home day care centers and kindergartens. At the age of six the kids are enrolled for their compulsory elementary education of three years at schools. Although the secondary level of education in Japan is voluntary yet almost all kids get enrolled in elementary schools to advance to upper secondary level. The outer world wonders at the fast paced economic growth of Japan the secret to which lies in their education system. The war struck nation made necessary amendments in their education system and rose to its feet within a decade.  Japan still follows the School Education Law and Fundamental Law of Education ratified in 1947 and continues to become the exemplary nation for the countries where resources and manpower have been unable to bring about such revolution.
The strength of the system of education in Japan is evident from the fact that virtually hundred percent students from elementary schools advance junior high schools. On average the class size of the children in junior high schools is 40. The teachers are required to have at least sixteen years of education with major in certain subject to teach the students. English has not been the compulsory subject till 2010 this fact is enough to show how deeply the Japanese love and respect their culture and language. Ninety five percent of the junior school students pursue the high school education and a about 80% of these talented young Japanese students are further enrolled for college and university education. Each year around 3 million Japanese Students get admissions in full time day programs offered by 500 universities nationwide. Keio University Kyoto University Waseda University and of course the University of Tokyo have added their great share in making the education in Japan such far-reaching.

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