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what is data mining? why is it important?
data mining is a field representing the intersection of computer sciences, statistics, and pattern recognition. people who are skilled at data mining use their knowledge to analyze large tracts of data - which could be gathered from any source - through various methods and extract meaningful information from it. this extracted information may be subjected to further analysis for useful patterns; alternatively, the entire exercise could be conducted in order to answer specific questions. marketing companies generally invest a lot of money to obtain information regarding their consumers. they want to know how frequently consumers purchase a given product, how much time they spend in stores, what factors appeal to them, and so on. given the huge consumer markets which exists globally, this information could enter extremely high numbers, too difficult for manual analysis.

in such a scenario, a person skilled in data mining would be useful. if a marketing firm wishes to determine the impact its television advertisement campaign is having, the data miner could look into a database containing all tv viewership numbers, and narrow it down for better inspection and more meaningful results. marketing is only one area where data mining could be applied. the general idea is that this field allows users to sift through information and streamline it for either analysis or us it as a basis for predictions. individuals with a passion for working in analytical fields, and for an aptitude with statistics, will find this area quite useful.

data mining online course
if you are interested in learning how data mining works, and how to apply it to various fields, you could enroll in a campus-based program that offers data mining courses. if this option is not feasible for you - you may be a working professional who may not be able to attend classes or could have transportation issues - you could choose a data mining online course. online courses vary in their duration, and could be chosen based on your own preferences. what is common between on-campus and online programs is their teaching approach. students begin by developing a thorough grounding in statistics and statistical analysis methods. from here, you will move on to learning about the basics of data mining - organizing data and accessing databases - before moving on to the analytical methods employed. students will also be taken through courses training them to become better decision makers and make insightful predictions.

taking these courses is a great opportunity for many people because the amount of data companies are dealing with is increasing exponentially. whether you work in a marketing company, or within the field of bioinformatics, having data mining skills under your belt will allow you to carry out complex and important duties. courses in data mining could help students gain a preview of the field and decide if they want to pursue a college degree in this or related field. working professionals may also benefit from advanced courses, which could teach them new techniques to use data mining, or refresh concepts they may have previously learned.


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