Medical Record Technician Schools

if you are thinking of making a career choice without investing too much time in school and enter a profession which pays well, then think of becoming a medical records technician. they perform a critical role in the ever-increasing healthcare system, and the number of these professionals in 2012 was 186,300 according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics (bls).

what do they do?
medical records technicians are also known as health information technicians. they document patients' health information, including their treatments, examination and test results, symptoms, and medical history. more specifically, they perform the following duties on regular basis:

  • review patient records for accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and appropriateness of data.
  • protect patients' health records for confidentiality, data security, and authorized access for treatment.
  • electronically record data for reporting, retrieval, analysis, storage, and collection.
  • use software to assign clinical codes for data analysis and reimbursement.
  • track patient outcomes for quality assessment.
  • maintain and organize data for clinical registries and databases.

in addition to performing general health information technicians' duties, medical record technician may specialize in the following:

  • medical coding
  • cancer registration

the medical records technician field is dynamic and with the introduction of latest computer technologies in the field, it is becoming more challenging. the increasing use of electronic health records (ehr) requires that health information technicians learn the essentials of this software. with federal legislation encouraging healthcare facilities to implement ehr systems, the job of health information technicians is expected to change continuously.

skills required for becoming a successful medical records technician:

  • technical skills
  • interpersonal skills
  • integrity
  • detail oriented
  • analytical skills

the abovementioned skills and knowledge required to become medical records technician can be learned in a medical records technician school.

medical records technician schools
you will need a postsecondary certificate, or at least an associate's degree, to enter the profession. you may further enroll in a professional certification program to enhance your employability, although this may not be required to become a medical records technician.

admission requirements
a medical records technician certificate program may have admission requirements that are different from other academic programs. applicants must be able to:

  • appear for an interview.
  • keep a balance in their academic, personal, and employment schedules.
  • be physically capable of completing the certificate program like sitting for long periods of time or watching computer monitors for extended periods of time.
  • achieve at least a minimum score on placement exam.


  • medical terminology
  • computer systems
  • healthcare statistics
  • healthcare reimbursement methods
  • classification and coding systems
  • heath data requirements and standards
  • anatomy and physiology

these courses may also be offered online.

professional prospects
the bls reports medical records technicians earning a median yearly salary of $34,160 in 2012. their jobs are expected to increase at a rate of 22%, and this rate is faster than the average growth for all other occupations from 2012 to 2022.


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