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with the evolution of technology, there is a higher need for competent, tech-savvy individuals who are able to manage it effectively. as a result, the recent demand for information technology (it) professionals has increased rapidly. the us bureau of labor statistics has estimated growth in the field at 22% between 2010 and 2020. this corresponds to the addition of over 750,000 new jobs. if you are interested in information technology and like to understand how information systems and computer networks are built and maintained, then a career in it could be very promising for you. information technology applies to multiple areas of our lives. from the information systems which store our patient history at the hospitals, to the telecommunications networks we use, the application of the skills you learn are widespread.

it schools online
one of the ways you could enter the it industry is by obtaining a bachelor's degree in the subject. universities offer students the chance to enroll in a bachelor of science in information technology with specializations in areas such as network security, telecommunications, information systems management, and other areas.

some individuals, however, may not be able to afford an expensive college education. others may not be able to find a good enough program for their interest in their location. for these individuals, it schools online are available, which help make education and a wide array of majors available to them. undergraduate and graduate degrees are available for students to choose from these online degree programs.

the same universities that offer full-fledged degrees also offer short certification courses which may be taken via the internet. this option removes the need for students to travel to a school's campus to attend classes. topics covered include certifications in information security to oracle database management.

benefits of an online course
there are benefits in an online degree and in completing an online degree. for starters, you have access to all course material from your laptop as long as you have a reliable internet connection. this allows all students to work through the material at their own pace. the deadlines are much more flexible, and help to make it easier for everyone to gain a solid grasp of the materials before moving on to the next module.

completing an online degree will put you on the same level with students who have gone through a campus education. you will be able to apply for the same jobs and compete with them equally, and you will be able to do this with significantly less investment.

career prospects
individuals with a degree in it could work in several of fields. they could enter the telecommunication industry and help in the expansion and security of the network. they could also enter the healthcare industry and devise ways to make the information management systems more efficient. alternatively, they could work in the education sector managing the flow of information between students and teachers and on other internal networks. the key is that having it courses under your belt will make you more capable of dealing with these areas.


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