Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico does not generally come to mind when you consider places to apply for college. However, the small island has a large number of universities which cater to the needs of its own residents, and are open to accepting students from the US and abroad.

Schools in Puerto Rico
Universities on the island offer a variety of majors across multiple areas. From architecture to communication, business administration to aeronautics, students interested in applying to schools in Puerto Rico will find they have multiple options. Most of the universities offer formal undergraduate degree programs spread over a four-year period. Students will be required to complete required courses within their chosen major. Some degrees are more flexible, and students will be required to study subjects outside of their major. This serves the dual purpose of letting them explore their options, and encourages them to sharpen their analytic and problem-solving skills.

Students who wish to apply to colleges and universities in Puerto Rico could face one major problem, and that may be the language barrier. Many of the universities which operate within the region teach their curriculum in Spanish. If you are not fluent in the language, it could become very hard for you to keep up with the courses. That being said, there are some universities which offer their courses in English, but these choices are limited. Degrees are offered at an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level. Students may enroll in a degree in which they are qualified for and best suits their professional and personal preferences.

Industry Prospects
Upon graduating with a degree from a Puerto Rican college, you may find employment opportunities low if you decide to stay on the island. This is because the region's industry is over-saturated with too many graduates who cannot find employment. However, this should not deter you from completing a degree program from a school on the island. Given the high quality of their educational system, you could find employment in the continental US. Students who earn degrees in architecture could work with engineering companies or urban planners in guiding the growth of cities. Students who major in communications could enter the print or electronic media industry, and even work in the marketing sector. It is also possible to enter the educational sector with a degree in this field.

Choosing a School
Before you enroll in a school in Puerto Rico, it is a good idea to spend some time looking through their individual websites thoroughly. The first thing you should do is inquire about the language in which courses are taught. There is a possibility that schools will teach you Spanish to aid you in understanding the language. There is also a possibility that they will not. Make sure that you are comfortable with the language before signing up for a program. Other factors to look into are the cost of education and the feasibility of moving to a new location. Naturally, this does not apply if you are a resident. Public institutions are generally cheaper than their state-run counterparts.


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