Doctoral in Computer Science

the field of computer science is rapidly growing today, as more and more individuals are interested in conducting research and expanding the boundaries of our knowledge. in order to do this, most students decide to pursue a phd in computer science once they are done with their master's degree.

who could enroll in a phd program?
one of the misconceptions about a phd program is that only those interested in entering academia should choose to pursue this degree. while this is a general trend, it is not a concrete requirement. students can choose to pursue a phd in computer science if they wish to expand their knowledge in a particular area of the field. this can be artificial intelligence, computer vision, network security, telecommunications, software development, or any other field which falls under the scope of computer science. using the knowledge gained from the program, phd graduates could either apply it in a professional setting or become a professor to teach students in an academic setting.

the typical duration of a phd program in the us is five years. during this time, phd candidates conduct extensive research in an area of their interest, which is funded through a fellowship or grant or a scholarship. at the end of the five years, the student will prepare and present his dissertation to a panel, and will have to successfully defend his work from the questions of his peers to be awarded the doctoral degree.

online phd computer science
while most people do not consider the option of obtaining a phd degree online, it is a rather convenient and an approved alternative to a campus-based program. for professionals who have already earned a master's degree and are working in the computer science field, the idea of quitting a full-time job to resume studying does not seem feasible. for these people, an online phd computer science is great. this is because online courses are much more flexible than campus-based programs. this makes it easier to work around scheduling conflicts, while at the same time continuing research and earning money. furthermore, the cost of online programs is often cheaper than campus-based programs, making it a great cost-saving option.

choosing an online computer science program
recently, the number of online schools offering degrees in computer science has shot up quite a bit. this is both a good and a bad thing. the benefit is that individuals have a variety of choices between the schools they could choose a program. the bad news is that not all of these schools are credible. some of them could be scams operating under a guise; therefore, when you are selecting schools, you should review their faculty and evaluate their credentials. an accomplished faculty is a trademark of a good school. furthermore, check to see if the program has regional or national accreditation to teach its syllabus. otherwise, the investment you make into your phd program will be completely wasted; non-accredited degrees are not accepted professionally.


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