Associate in Computer Science

computer science is a field which is becoming increasingly important in today's world. from the software on our phones to the technology in our cars, everything requires some form of input from a computer scientist. this profession is growing at a very rapid rate, and if you have an interest in the field, you could make a career for yourself as well. in order to do this, you will need formal training. college degrees are available to help you get the education and knowledge you will need to start your career. one of these degrees is an associate in computer science.

what is this degree?
an associate's degree is a two-year program awarded by many community colleges. it is recommended for those interested in picking up the core concepts required for their field, and those who may simply be looking to test their aptitude for the subject. these programs generally cost less than a typical bachelor's degree program, but this is also because they lack the range of courses that four-year programs entail.

what will i learn?
most associate in computer science programs emphasize teaching students how to sharpen their programming skills. students will be required to take courses in mathematics such as calculus and discrete mathematics, which will aid their learning in other areas. they will also cover coursework in topics such as databases and object-oriented programming. these areas form the basis of more advanced topics within computer sciences, and a computer science associase's degree will help you develop a solid grasp of them. students will also complete courses in the humanities, which are aimed at helping them improve oral and written communication skills.

in addition to this coursework, students will also take courses like algorithms. this course helps students break down a task into a series of steps or instructions, which will be used to tackle all sorts of programming challenges. you will also become familiar with the use of various programming languages in order to complete your tasks.

who should apply?
students who are interested in learning how to use computers to solve problems and create novel programs should definitely apply for admission into one of these programs. this degree is also perfect for students who have a passion for programming, and are comfortable working with computers and complex mathematical equations. if you intend to pursue a career in this field, an associate's degree is a good way to evaluate your interest and give you a stepping stone to proceed upon.

what types of jobs are available?
the industry is brimming with jobs which require computer science input. students with a grasp of the basics could go on to develop software and novel programs. they could also become database managers or expand their learning into network creation and management. health informatics is also a rising field which requires computer science expertise to enable a smooth flow of information between all members in a healthcare facility. another possible field to enter is robotics, which is gaining popularity.


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