Bachelor in Public Administration (General)

overview of field
public administration deals with the implementation and management of public projects and programs. the public projects are the tangible result of the government policies; hence, their efficient administration is significantly important for the correct functioning of the government. a bachelor in public administration is an entry level degree for people interested in a career in serving the public and bringing community projects to life.

degree description

a bachelor in public administration is an undergraduate level program, which normally takes 4 years to complete. business subjects are an integral part of the curriculum. besides the business subjects, the program usually covers the following courses:

  • fundamentals of public administration
  • grant writing
  • organizational theory and behavior
  • management in public organizations
  • current issues in public administration
  • government agencies
  • public policies
  • law and ethics in public administration

colleges also require the completion of some liberal arts courses for degree fulfillment. an internship and a senior project may also be mandatory.

admission prerequisites
for an admission in a program leading to a bachelor in public administration, the main criterion is a high school diploma or equivalent. some colleges require a standardized test score such as sat or act, teacher's evaluation letters, statement of interest indicating reasons for choosing public administration and interview.

who should get this degree?
a bachelor in public administration is meant for those individuals who have innate skills for management and administration. moreover, they are altruistic in their goals and objectives to use their skills to make public policies work. besides management acumen, negotiation skills are also important as public administrators may have to deal with the public.

career prospects
the health of a government is reflected by the quality of its public programs. all governments require efficient public administrators to implement, manage, maintain and optimize their projects. hence, jobs for a bachelor in public administration are never in a short supply. moreover, due to globalization and international relations, jobs are also available in the international aid agencies for managing projects in the developing countries. on an average, a bachelor in public administration may earn around $40,000 to $50,000. experience plays an important role in increasing the salaries.

further education
a person holding a bachelor in public administration may obtain university level education in fields such as public health, healthcare administration or business administration. highly coveted posts in the government can be reached by obtaining doctoral level degrees in public administration.

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