Bachelor in Paralegal

a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies is a four year degree program. the program aims to prepare students for a career as a paralegal, and allows practicing paralegal professionals who do not have a bachelor's degree to enhance their credentials. students who specialize in paralegal studies could become efficient members of legal teams.

learning objectives
students enrolled in a bachelor in paralegal program learn to collect and analyze facts related to legal issues. after acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills, students may work for law firms, corporations, and government agencies. paralegal students learn how to carry out legal research, draft legal documents, and work under pressure and short deadlines. the work performed by paralegals is essential to the legal process. the knowledge and skills acquired in the degree program could lead to good job opportunities, as the legal system is always in search of adept paralegals.

the coursework in this degree program enables students to acquire sound knowledge of law. exact courses and course titles may differ from one institute to another, but some similar courses offered by paralegal degree programs are:

  • legal systems
  • legal research and writing
  • family law
  • computers and law
  • litigation
  • consumer law
  • real estate law
  • professional ethics
  • communication
  • social science

the coursework not only covers courses related to law, but also focuses on social sciences and communication skills to help provide a well-rounded education for paralegals. some programs may enable students to specialize in a certain paralegal field with the help of elective courses.

important considerations
students should keep in mind some important factors before selecting a paralegal bachelor's degree program. some of these factors include:

paralegal students need comprehensive and quality education in order to thrive in their occupation. therefore, it is important for them to select an accredited program. accreditation is a measure that ensures that the program meets essential educational standards. in order to find out the accreditation of a program, students could check the u.s. department of education's database of accredited postsecondary institutions and programs. they may also find information about the accreditation of paralegal programs by checking with the american bar association.

practical experience
paralegal studies are not all about theory. these degree programs need to have a certain portion focusing on practical or hands on experience. students should do research on the coursework and the practical experience component of the program before making a final decision. while it is important that paralegal programs provide theoretical knowledge, the practical skills gained could be quite helpful in getting a job and working effectively.

online education
students who are unable to attend classes on a campus due to their work responsibilities and personal commitments may choose to enroll in online programs. online degree programs allow students the flexibility to create their own schedule and study at their own pace. study material is available to students 24/7, and they may access it at their own convenience. some online programs may be cost effective as they do not require students to pay for various costs associated with campus based education. however, students need to be diligent and have focus to complete their courses in online paralegal programs.

earning a bachelor's degree in paralegal studies may help increase the professional opportunities for graduates. with their degree, graduates could work in many specific jobs. some jobs acquired by paralegal graduates include:

  • paralegal (real estate, corporate, and litigation)
  • legal assistant
  • claims adjuster
  • law clerk
  • title examiner or researcher
  • occupational health and safety specialist


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