Master in Engineering (General)

online education is a fast growing trend across the us. this method of education has made it possible for individuals from across the country to be able to acquire a quality education, without having geography become a hindrance. while degree programs may be limited in terms of disciplines, students are able to find accredited online master's in engineering programs.

program options and durations
engineering is known to be a very diverse field with its application in areas like biology, chemistry, physics, as well as information technology. considering this factor, the duration of degree programs may vary depending on which degree a student is pursuing. some programs could take between two to five years to complete. this will also be dependent on the student's academic progress and a student's enrollment status; a part-time student will take longer to complete the program as compared to a full-time student.

a student's educational background will also determine how fast one can complete this degree. while most programs have bachelor's degrees as a prerequisite, some programs may require students to take introductory courses to make up for technical knowledge and background.  programs offered online are often between 50 and 90 credit hours depending on the specialization field. applications need to be accompanied with copies of transcripts as well as letters of recommendation.

specializations, cost, and benefits
graduate degree programs in the broad field of engineering may be further broken down into specialization fields for people looking to continue their education. individuals have the option of completing degrees specific to chemical, software, or online electrical engineering programs to enhance their careers and overall professional profiles. individuals who have a bachelor's degree in engineering could use a master's degree program to help develop a deeper understanding of their engineering specialization.

online education could be beneficial from a cost and affordability point of view. campus-based master's degree programs may cost a significant amount of money. tuition fees could be higher, but add in possible lab and practical application class fees, commuting costs, and other expenses could increase the overall total cost. the lower cost of online degree programs may it attractive for students who are looking for quality, cost-effective education. online programs offer more savings in terms of course materials as most resources are available online. classes are offered mainly in the form of streaming videos and may be viewed from any computer that has an internet connection. this allows students to review lectures from the comfort of their own home, which reduces commuting costs.

careers and salary prospects
graduate degrees in electrical engineering could open up a wide range of career and business opportunities for an individual. jobs for individuals having completed an online master's in engineering degree may increase their earning potential. according to data presented by the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) site the average income of electrical engineers was $87,180 in 2010. the bls also stated the median income in 2010 for aerospace engineers was $97,480, biomedical engineers was $81,540, and computer hardware engineers was $98,810.


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