Master in Adult Education

as industries are becoming more complex and technology-oriented, the need for a more skilled workforce can be seen. over the years, a lot of stress has been laid upon getting a college degree and contributing to the economy. an educated workforce is the key factor in driving the economy towards prosperity. the federal reserve bank of new york issued an article that focused upon the need of a more skilled manufacturing workforce.

besides the young college-going kids, adult learners can be seen reinvesting in their education and going back to school. the needs of today's complex working environment have pushed many adults towards refreshing their credentials and acquire more skills. according to the us department of education, the number of adult learners has increased in recent years. this has automatically boosted the need for adult teaching professionals, experts who can understand the need of adult learners and deliver services efficiently. a number of colleges are offering specialized degree programs in adult education. these are designed to prepare students for advanced teaching roles. students interested in joining this challenging field can prep for the career by earning an undergraduate or graduate degree in adult education.

masters in adult education
a master's degree in adult education is a graduate-level program. the program is designed to help students prepare for teaching roles and understand the unique learning needs of adult professionals. the program will focus on different areas relevant to industry skills, technology, and distance education. students will develop a broad knowledge-base that will allow them to help adult learners acquire skills needed for careers. some of the most common areas covered in the program have been listed below:

  • corporate training
  • adult basic learning
  • english as a second language
  • health education
  • methods of instruction
  • learning technologies
  • instructional design
  • adult learning theory
  • program assessment

students will learn how to apply different teaching methodologies in classroom settings. the curriculum may vary a little from college to college but generally cover the above-mentioned topics. students can also choose to specialize in a certain field such as education technology and distance education. apart from theory-based learning, a master's degree in adult education will also emphasize practical skill development. through projects and seminars, students will be taught how to deliver effective services in diverse learning environments. the duration of a master's degree is typically two years, but may vary, depending upon which school you enroll in.

career prospects
as an adult educator, you can seek out work in all kinds of public and private colleges, vocation schools, and state universities. many organizations also demand the services of such professionals for training their workforce in a specific field with the help of workshops and seminars. a number of adult educators are self-employed, offering tutoring services to many. from designing instructional material to conducting classes, you will be required to manage different tasks. according to o*net online, the median annual income of adult educators in 2013 was $51,110. this field is expected to grow at a steady rate in the coming years, with a projected employment growth of 19,900 jobs in the 2012-2022 period .


Q:What is an interior design certification covering?

A:Interior design certificate programs are short courses that will equip you with in-depth information about the field. You can update your skills and knowledge in a certification program. Common subjects found in the curriculum are: design studio, interior finishes, graphic communication, digital presentation, and decorative arts. The curriculum will vary slightly from place to place.

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