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forensic science has gained a lot of popularity in recently years according to usa today. there are over 130 forensic degree programs being offered at schools all across the nation; most of which are accredited by the american academy of forensic sciences. many tv shows, such as csi and bones, have increased the fascination of this field; attracting many students from all over the us. forensic science technicians use various scientific methods to gather and analyze data from crime scenes. their role in crime units has achieved significance as many cases would have gone unsolved had it not been for the effort of these professionals. they work alongside other law enforcement officials such as police officers and investigators. this career may be demanding in many ways as some crime scenes tend to be distressing and visually disturbing.

associate in forensics
an associate's degree in forensic science will provide students with knowledge of fundamental theories of criminal justice, investigation techniques, and science. students will acquire dual-knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of scientific principle used in criminal investigations. the coursework will cover a wide range of subjects that teach students about the methods used for collecting evidence, and the laboratory techniques used for analyzing evidence.

during the initial phase of the program, emphasis is on theoretical development in areas of criminal justice, law, legal administration, and crime scene evidence. it is important for students to develop a strong conceptual base before moving on to practice-oriented subjects. a number of theoretical areas are covered in forensics associate programs. some of the topics covered in the program have been listed below:

  • general science
  • criminal investigations
  • criminal justice
  • psychology
  • forensic science fundamentals
  • anatomy and physiology
  • biology
  • footprint and fingerprint analysis
  • forensic photography

a few courses in an associate's degree in forensic science program are covered in learning labs. it is essential that students learn how to practically implement various methods. students will learn how to carefully analyze data and apply scientific techniques. since the curriculum is likely to vary a little from school to school, it is recommended that you seek information about the course components from the school in which you plan to enroll.

career prospects
with an associate degree in this field, you could look forward to entry level or assistant level jobs in crime units. the minimum training requirements for forensic science jobs will vary for each state and agency. forensic science assistants and technicians are hired mostly by crime units and labs. from police departments and coroner's office, you could seek employment in various work settings. your job duties will depend upon which job you are hired to do, and you must demonstrate skill and expertise in the position. typically, forensic science technicians work alongside law enforcement officers and in crime labs. you may be required to collect all kinds of evidence from crime scenes and safely transport the evidence to labs for analysis. according to the us bureau of labor statistics, forensic science technicians made a median annual wage of $52,840 in 2012.


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