Bachelor in Small Business Management

in recent years, the number of small business enterprises has flourished in the united states. according to data provided by the small business and entrepreneurship council (sbe), 99.7% of employer firms fall in the category of small businesses. a small business may be defined as a company that has less than 500 workers. these figures reflect the growing popularity of small business enterprises in the nation. more and more individuals are starting up their own companies in diverse industries. small businesses not only open up new job opportunities, but also contribute to the economy's overall gdp.

individuals who have the drive and the ambition to start their own business ventures should first develop the skills needed, and build a strong understanding of business functions. it is now possible to pursue a bachelor in small business management degree from many colleges and universities. this degree program is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to enter the competitive industry and start up a firm.

bachelor in small business management degree

students who have completed their high school education may choose to enroll in a bachelor's degree in small business management program. this is an undergraduate degree program that typically takes four years to complete. the program is designed to provide students with valuable knowledge in business and management.


students enrolled in the program develop strong business skills and management skills. the program will cover a wide range of theoretical areas that will help students build a strong foundation of business knowledge. it is important that students understand how the industry operates, what technology is currently being used, and what issues they may face when starting up a company. emphasis is also laid upon leadership skills and entrepreneurship. students will learn how to coordinate different business activities related to marketing, human resources, supply chain, financial management, and operations management. some courses that may be covered in a curriculum have been listed below:

  • business administration
  • technical management
  • business plan writing
  • human resources management
  • budgeting and forecasting
  • marketing leadership
  • business law

while much of theory-based courses are covered in classroom settings, students will also be required to conduct research and develop a project. this will provide student the opportunity to apply their skills and acquire experience. it is also possible to pursue a small business management degree through online education. this mode of learning may be more flexible, convenient, and cost-effective as compared to campus-based degree programs.


career prospects

according to forbes magazine, there are over 28 million small businesses in the united states, and over 50% of workers are hired by small businesses. the us small business administration (sba) is the leading organization that provides assistance to small business entrepreneurs. individuals with a degree in small business may start up their own enterprise in any industry according to their interest and capital. the income level will vary and will depend upon many factors such as type of business, industry, size, demand, and location.


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