Master in Project Management

a career in project management
in today's competitive business environment, it is not enough to hire a good designer and engineer to launch and complete a project. business organizations need professionals who can control all elements of a project, from start to finish. project managers are assigned with the important task of keeping the project on schedule and finish the project, preferably, under budget.

project management master's degree online
an online master's in project management is for aspiring and existing project managers who would like to lead more complex and challenging projects that may contribute to the success of the company for which they work.  successful completion of the degree program may enable a graduate to better manage a project, irrespective of its scope and size. furthermore, graduates may be able to adjust in any business environment, empowering them to excel regardless of organization type or industry.

admission and curriculum
typically a graduate program will require you to:

  • hold a bachelor's degree
  • submit either a gmat or gre score (if applicable)

while the degree is usually completed in two years, a student's actual date of graduation will be determined by his/her enrollment status. full-time students are likely to graduate before part-time students. a graduate online degree in project management will have some core courses and electives. each college/university will have its own name for these courses. the following courses are listed for your convenience, but they may or may not be the exact title of courses in your college or university.

core courses

  • introduction to electronic commerce, systems, and web design
  • financial concepts
  • introduction to business continuity, security, and risk management
  • international business, economics, and cultures


  • program management
  • project risk and cost management
  • project communications management

the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) paint a bright picture for project managers. two careers that make use of advanced project management skills to complete important projects are computer and information systems managers and construction managers. the bls has data that shows both careers earn high paying salaries; however, adding a pm master's degree could enhance resumes and allow for opportunities to add more responsibilities and earn a higher salary. the skills and techniques learned in a pm master's degree online program are applicable to many occupations across several industries.

why choose an online degree program?
an online degree program is a great opportunity to earn a degree for students who fall into the following categories:

  • older students who may feel uncomfortable attending classes with younger students
  • students who are unable or prefer not to commute to campus on regular basis
  • students who have full-time jobs and cannot find time to attend classes on-campus
  • students who are looking for cost-effective courses

a master's degree in project management is a great way to enhance your resume, and help you play a more important role in the success of the company for which you work. online education allows you to earn this degree from the comfort of your home.


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