Master in Operations Management

operations management is the study of product management, services, design, and management of supply chains and processes. a master in operations management degree will help to provide you with the tools to analyze, quantify, and design various business operations. a study of operations management may be applied to various areas of a business such as transportation, management of supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and service operations. students may enroll in a master’s degree program in operations management through both online and on-campus programs.

prerequisites for admission
when applying for admission to this program, a university may require various prerequisites from you. these requirements may vary from university to university, but some of these may be similar:

  • a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • normally, a gpa of 3.0 or above
  • official transcripts from all previous institutions
  • gmat or gre scores
  • letters of recommendation
  • proof of english language proficiency, in some cases

curriculum and coursework
the curriculum of a master in operations management degree program may aim to instill various qualities in you that help you to become a competent operations manager. these qualities may include the ability to communicate effectively and clearly, decision making skills, the ability to come up with new policies in this ever-changing economic environment, leadership skills, problem solving skills, management skills, and time management skills. coursework may vary for each program, but core courses may include:

  • models, data, and decisions
  • managing, delivery, design, concepts, and services
  • product development and design
  • introduction to operations management
  • management and planning of supply chain
  • design of supply chain and manufacturing systems
  • theory of operations management
  • manufacturing strategies
  • manufacturing analysis and optimization of the system
  • inventory management
  • statistical methods

even though obtaining a certification is not mandatory for an operations manager, it may still show competency, professional skills, and management skills. the institute of certified professional managers confers the certified manager designation on professionals who successfully complete the requirements. to acquire this certification the candidate must meet various experience and educational requirements set by the body. in addition, the candidate must pass a series of three rigorous exams and administered by the body in order to get this designation. getting a certification may also help you in career advancement.

career opportunities
according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), operations and general managers fall under the category of ‘top executives’. these managers usually must have a minimum of a master’s degree in order to pursue this career. various responsibilities of these managers may include devising new policies and management of daily operations. according to the bls, the median salary of top executives was $101,650 in 2012. the bls also projected that the number of people working as top executives would increase by 11 percent from 2012 to 2022, which is about as fast as the average of all occupations. the bls also pointed out that this growth may vary, depending upon in which industry the top executive or the manger is working.


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