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in order for a business to grow, it needs to be able to effectively sell its product or service to its desired consumers. marketing is an important department for long-term success for a company. as industries continue to grow and address the needs of consumers, there is a need for competent professionals who can develop the right strategies to increase sales. if you are interested in a career in marketing or simply want to learn the concepts involved for your own personal use, an associate in marketing degree may be a good choice for you.

what is an associate's degree in marketing?
an associate's degree is a two-year, undergraduate level program offered by community colleges. students wishing to assess their interest in the field or learn additional skills to help their career could enroll in this degree program to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of the field. because of its shorter duration, the associate in marketing degree program is focused only on developing core skills and concepts. completing an associate's degree may provide you with the qualifications to enter the industry, but at a very basic level.

what will i learn?
students enrolled in this degree program will go through a variety of coursework in marketing, economics, and accounting in order to get a better understanding of marketing strategies and how to keep them practical. as part of the program, students will:

  • learn how to use their knowledge of micro and macroeconomics to make their marketing strategies realistic
  • understand accounting principles in order to keep track of expenses in their marketing practices and interpret financial data quickly to correct problems
  • become aware of the concepts of marketing and how to apply them in various contexts
  • learn how to create purpose-specific marketing strategies and carry them through to execution

in addition to this, students will learn how to improve their communication and creative skills in order to come up with innovative marketing strategies.

what comes next?
after completing a marketing associate's degree, students may either spend time gaining professional experience through internships or continue their education by enrolling in a marketing bachelor's degree program. because students have already completed coursework within the field, they could have an edge over peers who are learning these concepts for the first time. the added overall experience could help you find employment because it may reflect your commitment to the field.

career prospects
according to the us bureau of labor and statistics, marketing, advertising, and promotions managers were making up to $115,750 in 2012. the better news is that this field is expected to grow by about 12 percent in the coming decade, making it quite an attractive choice for a career. however, the industry is highly competitive, so you must be prepared to take the challenge head-on in order to get the most of it.


Q:What sort of jobs I can get after completing an associate of marketing?

A:An associate degree in marketing will equip you with basic knowledge of marketing, management, and promotions. You may qualify for a number of entry-level and assistant-level jobs with this qualification. You can work as marketing assistant in a marketing firm or any relevant organization. The income level will vary from job to job.

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