Doctoral in Leadership

the phd in leadership program brings together various perspectives of leadership including organizational leadership to give you thorough and comprehensive knowledge on the subject. the program focuses on leadership strategies, technology, and research. if you want to become a scholar with the knowledge and ability to consult, research, or teach, then a phd program may be for you. this phd is designed so that students' thinking skills are enhanced: skills such as reflective thinking, critical thinking, creative thinking, statistical thinking, and systems thinking. phd programs are generally offered through on-campus programs, but some schools may offer a phd in leadership online program or a hybrid program.

admission requirements for a phd program
the admissions office for the phd program you are applying to may ask you to fulfill basic admission criteria when applying for enrollment. these admission requirements may vary from university to university, but some common items may include the following:

  • an accredited master's degree from a university or college
  • applicants should have a gpa higher than 3.0
  • official academic transcripts from previous schools
  • two or more letters of recommendation
  • a letter of intent
  • some universities or colleges may call you in for an interview
  • proof of english language proficiency may be required by the university or college from some students

a few universities or colleges may give preference to students who have already completed coursework related to leadership studies, but this will vary for each school.

the curriculum centers on integrating professional knowledge and leadership theories. the coursework is research oriented and focuses on educational leadership, business leadership, and organizational leadership. a typical curriculum may include the following similar core topics:

  • global environment and leadership theory
  • organizational system and leadership
  • leading dynamic systems with multi-dimensional thinking
  • qualitative research in business and leadership
  • development and training
  • educational leadership
  • organizational policy and finance
  • current issues in education

students are normally required to complete a dissertation in one of the course concentrations by the end of their phd program. this project normally displays the students' in-depth knowledge on the discipline in addition to his or her thinking and research skills.

career outlook
after you complete this phd program, you may be able to pursue various career opportunities. several titles may include post-secondary instructor, dean or post-secondary education administrator, or research director. in a report by the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the may 2012 median salary of a post-secondary teacher was $68,970 per year. the bls also projected that the number of post-secondary teachers would rise by 19 percent from 2012 to 2022. the bureau also reported that the median annual salary of post-secondary administrators was $86,490 in 2012. it also estimated that professionals working as post-secondary administrators would increase by 15 percent during the same time period.


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