Certificate in Leadership

the president of the united states is a leader. a manager of a local pizza restaurant is also a leader. both are assigned with tasks of responsibility, although they are of different nature and intensity. both are, nevertheless, answerable to the people they serve. both will excel in their spheres of responsibility only when they exercise certain leadership skills. john d. rockefeller once said about leadership, "good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people." good leadership skills may be learned.

leadership training programs
many people want to acquire leadership skills for a variety of reasons. one goal is to be better at whatever a person is assigned to do at his or her workplace. programs designed to teach leadership skills accomplish this by having students set personal leadership goals, and by participating in various supervised leadership experiences by collaborating with leadership coaches. technical schools, community colleges, and universities conduct workshops to develop leadership skills and offer certificates in leadership. many professions may enroll in these instructional courses, so that they may either learn to become better leaders or further sharpen their leadership skills.

leadership certificate curriculum
leadership certificate courses may allow you to design your own project, and then assume a major leadership role in the project. furthermore, you may also be taught leadership theories, works of famous thinkers, and leadership frameworks. students may further be exposed to challenging problem-solving studies, which may test their leadership skills and knowledge. in addition to taking some core courses, students may be allowed to choose from a variety of elective courses of their choice.

some core courses in a leadership certificate program may be titled:

  • paradigms & strategies of leadership
  • field study in leadership
  • internship in civic engagement

some of the electives may be titled as:

  • leaders in history
  • gender, power, and culture in america
  • public opinion
  • collective decision making and communication in organizations
  • the rhetoric of war
  • rhetoric of the american presidency
  • culture and society
  • civil rights and black liberation

the courses may be designed with a specific intention of catering to students of both political and business interests. they may also be designed to satisfy the leadership knowledge and skills to excel both in the public and private sectors.

online leadership certificate
the theoretical aspects of a leadership certificate program may be learned online, but workshops and group projects may require students to come on campus to participate.

  • online students may access their course materials online, including live and recorded lectures, assignments, and class discussions.
  • students do not have to commute to campus, which may allow them more time to study and complete course work.
  • online students may not have to compromise on their work schedule as they make their own class and study schedule.
  • students may find online leadership certificate to be relatively cheaper.
  • online certificate may also be a good option for older students and students with managerial responsibilities.

enrolling in a leadership certificate online program may be a good start towards learning good leadership skills that could help you in your career.


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