Certificate in International Business

international business is a specialized academic track offered by many business schools. a program in international business is typically designed for business professionals seeking to become proficient in international business operations. those interested in increasing their knowledge of foreign cultures, acquiring expertise in international business practices, and strengthening business knowledge, may find enrolling in an international business course to be of benefit. better and effective international business skills may be acquired at different academic levels. for example, students may enroll in a business program with international business concentration at a bachelor, master, or doctoral degree level. another route that working professionals may consider to learn international business skills is by enrolling in a certificate in international business program.

certificate in international business
a program for an international business certificate may not offer the same depth as a master or doctoral degree program, but certificate programs may benefit students in the following ways:

  • better understanding of international business environment through language courses
  • hands-on experience through internships
  • leadership skills acquired through planning and executing effective international business strategies
  • opportunities of better job placement through alumni, faculty and mentors community present both nationally and internationally
  • gain confidence to negotiate in a complex global environment
  • have the ability to launch a product or service at a global level
  • have the ability to design an effective global marketing strategy
  • have a comprehensive understanding of the competitors market at a global level
  • be able to effectively lead global teams and appreciate cultural diversity

some of the courses offered in these certificate programs are:

  • international political economy
  • global leadership
  • strategy, marketing & global mindset
  • international business negotiations
  • cross-cultural management
  • global strategy
  • international finance
  • international business law
  • foreign languages (students may choose from spanish, japanese, french, german, and chinese)

students in a certificate program may hone their leadership skills by organizing major events and outreach, bringing international speakers to campus, running meetings, and serving on boards. admission requirements and program duration will differ from school to school. some certificate programs may last for a few weeks to months.  some business schools may allow only their enrolled students to participate in a certificate program. general admission requirements may include:

  • admission application
  • official or unofficial transcripts
  • current resume
  • essay

career outlook
professionals with international business skills are hired both in the public and private sectors. individuals who successfully complete a certificate program may qualify for a job with an international business company, an embassy, or non-profit companies that have foreign programs. professionals hired as global brand or product promoters or hired by global advertisement firms may earn a handsome amount for promoting their services and products to foreigners. the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) reports that advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the us (not necessarily globally) earned $115,750 in 2012 (yearly median income).


Q:Can you tell me about the job positions I may qualify for after completing operations management graduate programs?

A:With a graduate degree in operations management, you pursue careers in this area and qualify for job positions such as the following: purchasing manager, program manager, project director, supply chain manager, branch manager, operations manager, inventory manager, and process improvement manager. The income level will vary depending on the job position and organization.

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