Bachelor in International Business

there is substance to the clichéd phrase, "the world is fast becoming a global village." post-cold war relations between nation states have witnessed further strengthening in their business and trade relations and direct investment in other countries. in addition to public international business, private companies have expanded their business relations with companies based in foreign countries. this influx and outflow of capital is a complex exercise in business management. governments and companies need professionals who are able to manage their ever-increasing businesses. international businesses need efficient managers with academic training. professionals responsible for corporate social responsibility, banking laws and regulations in emerging markets, and political risk analysis are those individuals with business degrees focused on international business.

bachelor in international business degree
a bachelor in international business degree program curriculum is grounded in principles of business, politics and culture diversity. students may be asked to attain proficiency in a foreign language. furthermore, the program may be offered as a double-major in which students major in international business and another discipline like marketing, management information systems, management, finance, and accounting. a four-year, full-time degree, it may exceed the usual 120 credits required for a bachelor's degree in business. some of the core courses in international business may be offered under the title:

  • finance in a global environment
  • seminar in international business
  • global marketing
  • cross-cultural management
  • regional business studies
  • global entry and competition strategies

graduates may qualify to apply for the following positions:

  • business analyst
  • data warehouse analyst
  • it auditing
  • information systems developer

admission requirements for undergraduate programs

  • high school diploma or its equivalent
  • sat/act score
  • essay
  • a minimum cumulative gpa
  • letters of recommendation
  • toefl (for non-native english speakers and international students)

international business graduate programs
a two-year interdisciplinary degree, it is ideal for those who are interested in learning traditional business skills with international knowledge conducive to carrying out business beyond borders. core courses are offered in:

  • regional studies
  • international affairs
  • economics
  • business

courses offered in international business may be titled as:

  • international financial and fiscal law
  • international investment law
  • international business transactions
  • global financial services
  • risk management in banking

admission requirements for graduate programs

  • a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution
  • gre/gmat score
  • resume
  • essay
  • personal statement
  • letters of recommendation
  • official transcripts from all institutions of higher learning ever attended

international business careers

  • financial analysts - they guide individuals and businesses in making the right investment decisions. they assess performance of various types of investments. the us bureau of labor statistics (bls) reported them earning a median yearly salary of $76,950 in 2012.
  • market research analysts - they analyze markets and determine their feasibility for introducing new products or services.  they also help their employers know what will sell in the market and who will buy it. the bls reported them earning a median yearly salary of $60,300 in 2012.

which degree in international business will suit you will depend upon your professional goals and dreams.


Q:Are there any schools for bachelor of business administration in international business?

A:There are many prestigious business schools offering business administration programs with specialization in international business. International business will enable students to prepare for a career in the global marketplace. The specialization will focus upon cultural awareness, international marketing strategies, foreign investment, international marketing, supply and demand, and other relevant areas.

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