Associate in International Business

with an ever increasing expansion of business around the world, the need for professionals with international business knowledge and skills is on the rise. an associate in international business degree may be the first step by those seeking a career in international business. it instills a solid foundation in international business knowledge and practices. in addition to traditional on-campus programs, these days a number of online education programs offer associate's degrees in international business as well. online programs offer certain benefits to students. they provide a convenient learning environment to those with busy life routines. also, they could be less expensive than campus-based programs due to a lower cost infrastructure.

program details
an associate's degree in international business program usually lasts for two years. however, the exact duration may vary depending on the enrollment status of the student.

the curriculum of the program may be divided into core courses and required general courses. the core courses may include the following:

this course is an introduction to accounting theory and practice for business students.

principles of business law
this course examines the legal sensitivity in professional undertakings of business.

business communications
this course improves student ability to write effective and concise messages.

international business
this course examines various patterns of multinational business operations, international trade, and analysis of financial structures.

principles of marketing
this course provides an introduction to marketing tools and techniques such as advertising, marketing mix, and other marketing functions.

the required general courses may include the following:

this course examines production and other microeconomic principles.

the principles of macroeconomics such as financial institutions and money are examined in this course.

persuasive writing
this course emphasizes persuasive writings. it enables students to design, formulate and express their thoughts cogently.

expository writing
this course provides a review of grammatical and syntactical elements, paragraphs and theme developments.

applied mathematics
this course examines the technical and reasoning skills needed for students to become proficient in applying mathematical concepts and various tools of calculus. this curriculum is typical for many schools; however, please note that there may be differences at each school. for exact details, consult your college advisor.

career outlook
after earning an associate in international business degree, graduates could jump-start their careers in international business. they may also choose to pursue a bachelor's degree in international business. some jobs for those with an associate's degree in international business may include:

secretaries and administrative assistants
secretaries and administrative assistants perform routine administrative tasks of a business. they may manage data, schedule meetings and appointments, and provide support services for other staff. according to the us bureau of labor statistics (bls), the median annual salary of secretaries and administrative assistants was $35,330 in may 2012.

administrative service managers
these professionals are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating support services for an organization. according to the bls, the median annual salary of administrative managers was $81,080 in may 2012.


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